Know Your Client

In our conversations with service providers we regularly ask our clients: How well do you know your clients? On many occasions the typical response is I know my clients pretty well? theyve been with us for x years. In our experience that retort is not always the response of the service providers clients. The rules […]

74 Seconds

Doesnt seem like much time, does it? What can you do in 74 seconds and how could that amount of time be meaningful in your life?

Providing Unique Client Experiences

Adapting to different communication styles is very important. However, the real game changer is customizing the client experience. How can the knowledge of Communication Styles be used to customize the service experiences for each client?

A Process for Building Your Quality Life

Currently, there is an increasing trend toward people searching to find greater meaning in their lives. Gradually, more and more people are having the courage to do it and not just talk about it. But it can be difficult to understand the steps that need to be taken to find more meaning without a plan, and understanding where you are ‘now’ and what needs to be done to reach your quality life goals.

Will We Live to 150 Years Old?

Sonia Arrison tells us that living longer lifespans will affect all aspects of society. In her book, 100+ , Arrison acknowledges that doubling ones lifespan and working years may sound overwhelming, however economists at the University of Chicago have demonstrated that longer lives mean greater wealth.

The Team Adapts to Different Communication Styles

This post is part 7 of our 8 part series on increasing Client Engagement from our Client Relationship Performance in the New Behavioral Economy White Paper. The insights will demonstrate in practical terms how to apply predictive behavioral insights to tailor client communication and provide unique client experiences. Behavioral Insight 7: The Team Adapts to […]

Whole Brain Business Plan

I recently read an article, The Success Formula, that talked about the future direction of businesses. Heres an interesting trend: hiring people not because they fit in a box-like job description, but because they have the skills and talents that matches the companys mission and vision.

The Pioneering Goal Driver

Naturally ambitious and driven people will be Pioneering Goal Drivers who are focused on growing their wealth but may be overly focused on success. Address their goals and remember their need for quick action.

Behavioral Insight 6: Re-Framing Information Based on Learning Styles

The difference between what the advisor said and what the client heard will be attributable to the behavioral lens of each. The communication of products and solutions must be adapted based on different learning styles.