The Four Words You Never Want to Hear

I'm afraid of you. According to a recent survey (McAdam LLC and Harris Poll 2015) of more than 2000 Americans, 71% said some aspect of meeting with a financial advisor ...
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Are your couple clients at risk of leaving your Financial Advisory Firm-

Do You Have “At Risk” Clients?

Do you know which of your clients are at risk for:
  • Leaving your practice?
  • Becoming a compliance nightmare?
  • Sabotaging their financial plan?
You may have more than you ...
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The Harsh Reality About Communication Styles

The Harsh Reality About Communication Styles

"We treat you like you'd treat you". This commercial gained tremendous popularity for one reason: for effective service you need your communication styles to match each client's unique style. I ...
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behavioral fnance

So You Think You Know Me? Here’s What You Missed

Do you think your sales team is connecting (i.e., maximizing revenue) with all the advisors in their territory? They might tell you they are but read on. I'm very intuitive, ...
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Are Your Clients Cheating on You- 2 (1)

Are Your Clients Cheating on You?

He's Just Not that Into You. Some of you may remember this popular advice book about relationships. So what does that have to do with financial planning? Knowing that 93.6% ...
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An Advisors Greatest Fear

An Advisor’s Greatest Fear

Is compliance your greatest fear or your greatest friend? Maybe that depends on how you do business. Take a look at some excerpts from recent articles: SEC Chairman Mary Jo ...
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Shocking Truth About Advisors 2

The Shocking Truth about Advisors

I don't need one. That's what affluent millennials are saying. Researchers at Phoenix Marketing found that just over half of the investors they spoke to (among those under 35 with ...
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How to Choose a Financial Advisor

How do I choose the right financial advisor? This is the most frequently asked question that I have received over the past thirty years of being in the Financial Services ...
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A Client’s Perspective: The Case for Deeper Discovery

Since most advisors have no way of knowing why their client is behaving they way they do, they will pick an interpretation---because that's what our brains do. The way we ...
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