The Outgoing People Connector

Naturally expressive and talkative people will be Outgoing People Connectors who are able to network with people well but may make uneducated bets from following the herd that sabotage their portfolio.

The Cooperative Compliant Client

Naturally practical and diplomatic people will be Community Builders who are Cooperative Compliants. Without advice they will tend to suffer from the disposition effect of selling winners and hang on to losers because of their naturally hesitant nature.

The Take-Charge Visionary

Naturally big-picture thinkers and decisive people will be Initiators who are Take-Charge Visionaries. They know where they are going and will have a consolidated view of their investment portfolio.

The Most Common Mistake Advisors Make

The Most Common Mistake Advisors Make

What is the most common mistake that Advisors make? Hugh Massie discusses what he believes is the most common mistake of Advisors – and how this mistake can lead to loss of time, energy, strained relationships and even litigation.

The Rules of Engagement

Everyone is talking about client engagement, but what are firms actually doing about it? Client engagement is not just about good feelings; it has emerged as the #1 driving factor in revenue growth.

The Anchored Implementer

Naturally consistent and experience-driven people will be Anchored Implementers who are able to focus on a plan but may overvalue proven strategies.

The Pioneering Goal Driver

Naturally ambitious and driven people will be Pioneering Goal Drivers who are focused on growing their wealth but may be overly focused on success. Address their goals and remember their need for quick action.

Behavioral Insight 6: Re-Framing Information Based on Learning Styles

The difference between what the advisor said and what the client heard will be attributable to the behavioral lens of each. The communication of products and solutions must be adapted based on different learning styles.

New DNA Report Structure Highlights the Bright Spot of DNA Behavior

In all businesses, it is important to discover your greatest strengths in order to build client engagement and improve performance.? How does your solution or the service experience you provide differentiate you from your competitors? What sustainable value are you providing to your clients? Recently, we conducted research to discover the bright spot of DNA […]