Redeploying Your Talents

The current financial crisis is bringing to light a huge workplace shift. For many baby boomers, they only had one career or expected to have one career. The thinking of this generation was that upon getting your qualifications you had one career – working up the ranks often in the same company. Today, it is expected that the Gen Y’s will have 10 or more careers. They will job hop. Although, this may be more difficult to do in the current circumstances.

With the financial crisis many people of every generation are having to re-evaluate their career to survive. Some career paths will simply go. What happens to the talent? How do people change careers? For many the big issues will be financial by being locked into the “debt trap” and being faced with relocation.

The first step for re-evaluation is going to be mindset. People will have to look inwards to themselves and see how their talents can be redeployed. Coaching or mentoring may help because we all have blind-spots and will need a confidence boost from another person’s wisdom. The point is that many of us are capable of changing careers and still getting paid a reasonable income. The truly wealthy person is one who can confidently see that they have the potential for 2 or more careers. Of course, when there is financial pressure it is harder to see this because of the emotions that get triggered from panic. So, the key is to get people to take a step back and look at their talents which are the greatest source of their wealth.

As an example, I was talking with a friend of mine not long ago who is a leader in a bank. After some thought and discussions he has come to see that with his business knowledge and leadership experience he could successfully work in other companies. These other companies may not be in banking, but he can nevertheless redeploy his talents and make a great contribution. Even this week I have talked to 2 different groups of entrepreneurs about how they can re-examine their roles in their own businesses taking a similar approach. For some of them, it could positively change their business as they will get back in touch with their talents which are the real source of their productivity.

So, I really encourage you to look at your talents and see how by redeploying them you may find new opportunities. Be prepared to think creatively and beyond where you are now. A key part of this is not to let money be an immediate barrier. Look at the potential redeployment opportunities first. Then when you have your list, the economic denominator can be brought in as part of the decision-making process. The experience of doing this will be nothing short of liberating and powerful. You may even work in a job you are truly passionate about for the first time!!

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