Secrets to Effective Conflict Resolution

Leadership Tip of the Month:
Conflict in the workplace is disruptive. It can have a negative impact on productivity, and may pose a threat to other employees. The quicker you can resolve a situation of conflict the better off your employees will be.

We all have had to deal with conflict in the workplace.? It can be a real energy drain as people within and around the conflict focus on the negative and not the positive.? The result is decreased productivity and even worse, potential danger for other employees.? As a leader, dealing with conflict is a key skill you must master.? So here are some recommended steps to take to resolve conflicts in a timely and efficient manner.

First, you must be able to recognize the conflict.? Some forms of conflict are subtle and not so blatant.? These subtle forms can include repeated negative attitudes or behaviors such as inappropriate use of humor-sarcasm or cynicism,? lack of care, empathy, and support of team members, interrupting others, appearing arrogant or a know it all, withholding of resources or information, etc. These are all subtle because they are interpreted by individuals who will interpret the behaviors based on their biases and experiences. Their interpretation will affect their relationship with the other person.? As a leader, you need to understand each of your team members’ behavior preferences so you can be alert to potential subtle conflicts which can ultimately escalate into much larger ones.? Then there are the more blatant behaviors such as yelling, intimidation, and continually not keeping commitments to others.

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Author: Beth Armknecht Miller, President and Executive Coach, Executive Velocity Inc

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