Secure Your Own Oxygen First

Secure Your Own Oxygen First

Sitting here in my home office thinking about the past 6 weeks has been sobering.

Four weeks overseas ending in home isolation for fourteen days; seeing friends deliver food to our door as we love and acknowledge them through closed windows has changed worlds forever.

For many years I have worked from home. Firstly, for the UK Government and then for my current employer DNA Behavior International, so would imagine that these fourteen days of home isolation would have been ‘business as usual’. Not so. I’m healthy and well. Thank God. I’m working as usual. I’m using social media to engage with my colleagues, so what has shifted?

Who Took My Control?

I am by nature reserved, I enjoy being alone, but that is far removed from having the choice to be alone or with others.

As a behavioral analyst it got me thinking about my Business DNA Natural Behavior profile style:

………..Facilitator, combines the ability to guide people with feelings together with the determination to reach goals and accomplish tasks. This blend of behavioral strengths makes Carol well suited for situations where setting the agenda and recognizing the needs of other people are required. Further, consistency, reliability and persistence are important. She flourishes in an environment where there is plenty of stability…………

And then I read this aspect of my inherent behavior – does not like being  rushed or forced into a decision.

I know this stuff, it’s my life and my work, so how did I miss these crucial aspects of my own inherent behavior. Well, here’s how.

What I’m Missing

I want to be out there on the front-line helping others. I want to grab a coffee with friends doing it tough. I want to walk on the beach to clear my head for the next creative piece I need to write. I just want to be me!

Reading back through my own Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery report has been sobering. You may wonder why I titled this piece – ‘secure your own oxygen first’. Having been on planes recently and watching endless safety videos I realized the importance of taking your own oxygen first before helping others.

My Decision Making Taken

Being rushed or forced into a decision – this troubles me. After a 32-hour flight I arrived home to hazmat covered officials, federal police contracts to sign about isolation protocol and then transported home to isolation. No time to think through the decisions being made for me. All very understandable in these unprecedented times, and I’m thankful for those making those decisions.

But, here’s my point, it unsettled me in ways I couldn’t quite understand. So, if you have a DNA Behavior Profile, get it out and re-read it. It may answer some feelings you are experiencing.

See to your own ‘oxygen’ first before thinking about others. Encourage them to do the same. Use your profile to dig deep into who you are, your inherent makeup and use that insight to navigate these difficult times.

We will be no good to each other or this world if we don’t take a long look at our inherent behavior and base our ongoing emotional wellbeing on identifying what challenges us and addressing it.

Don’t Have a DNA Behavior Natural Discovery Profile?

If you don’t have a DNA Behavior Natural Discovery profile let us know. We are here to help. With just a 10-minute investment of time you can have access to powerful personal behavioral insights that give great depth and reliability of core behavioral traits and communication styles. Read the outcomes as I did mine and use the insight to deliver much needed oxygen to your emotional and behavioral well-being.

Be safe, stay healthy and remember social distancing.

Link to 15-minute discussion with our Consultant Click here

Carol Pocklington

Carol Pocklington

Carol Pocklington - Chief Insights Accelerator

Carol is a Human Performance Accelerator. She has worked with Hugh Massie since 2001 since the Financial DNA understanding concept was conceived. She works with people and businesses worldwide. Her real-world application of behavioural insights, gives her the capability to serve as a business strategist, coach, mentor, and trainer. She is also a prolific blogger, a public speaker and author, specializing in human behavioural insights.

Carol's DNA Natural Behavior Style is - Facilitator

Carol is a Facilitator. Facilitators are persistent, goal-oriented people who promote team effort in order to complete tasks. Facilitators lead by setting examples and by achieving goals. Their strong work ethic encourages others to excel and they have an excellent ability to deal calmly yet firmly with people using a facilitative style.

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