Engaging Customers to Inform Growth Strategies

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There is endless chatter around engaging customers; understanding the consumers headspace; how they are using the cloud; understanding their buying behavior and how to shift focus to engage this new breed of customer to improve business bottom lines. IT departments and Marketing heads are likely left asking what it all means for their business. But they know they need to get on board in order to leverage customer insight to inform growth strategies.

To cut through the confusion the first step is to realize that there is an essential difference between winning market share and engaging and retaining customers. Going after market share as a priority is between business competitors and rarely involves the customer. However, engaging customers through gathering and understanding behavioral intelligence creates a high-value relationship, one that customers see as having worth.

To provide a tangible solution to this problem, more and more organizations are realizing the power of behavioral profiling; using this approach to not only understand how to communicate more effectively with customers but also to understand their decision making style.

With technological advances such as this it is now possible to understand, like never before, your customers behavior and communication style. This holistic knowledge of your customer will fundamentally improve how your organization interacts with customers. Taken a step further it allows businesses to match sales people and advisors to the communication and decision making style of their customers.

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10 Behavioral Strategies for a Successful Year-End

With the end of the year?approaching, it’s time for a review of your business performance in 2012.

What were your favorite strategies for improving personal and business performance this year? What did you accomplish and what are your goals for 2013?

The following 10 behavioral strategies?will?lead you through to a successful year-end and help you plan for the new year.

  1. Demonstrate customer appreciation based on knowing what motivates each customer.
  2. Complete an organizational talent review to determine whether each of your employees is using their unique talents.
  3. Review your team members’ communication styles as well as the strengths and blockages within your team.
  4. Evaluate current levels of customer engagement in your services.
  5. Know what motivates each employee to implement a non-financial employee rewards program.
  6. Build customer workflows that manage each customers expectations and meet their service needs.
  7. Review your leadership legacy.
  8. Learn how each of your family members likes to be communicated with.
  9. Address the amount of risk you are currently taking in your investment portfolios.
  10. Reflect on your Quality Life goals.

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Why Customers Don’t Complete Your Survey

Trying to get to know your customers better?? Welcome to the New Behavioral Economy.? So are most companies.? But their approach differs dramatically.

In The Center of the Universe, I wrote about how happy I was to complete a survey for BestCoffee.

Within a week, I got another request after I just completed a phone call with my insurance company.? But I must admit, I wasnt so excited about this request:customer service experience, client engagement

Thank you for placing your trust in Popular Insurance Company. ?Your feedback is very important. Please let us know about your recent Customer Service experience by answering a few questions using the link below. The survey takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback as we continuously strive to improve your experience with us.? We appreciate your business and thank you again for choosing Popular Insurance Company.
How did I feel?? The opposite of special: part of a mass production email that was? sent to millions of other customers.? Boring! This must be a parallel universe where they have good intentions but are missing the personalization concept.

Did I take the 3-5 minutes to complete the survey?? No.? Why?? There was simply no excitement or motivation for me to take the next step.? Even when I got another reminder (same type of wording), I hit the delete button.

The lesson?? You need to customize each communication to your clients in order for them to take action.? Clearly, this message was lost on my style.

How do you learn the communication style of your customers to create more meaningful, customized experiences?? Explore the Communication DNA website.

Want more results from Your Customer Surveys? Add a Little Personality

Your customer is the center of the universe.? But what have you done lately to make them feel that way?

Take a look at this email I received from a well-known coffee shop last week:

Wed like to get to know you better.

Communication DNA: Customize Your MessagingWe’re big fans of getting it right, from each cup of coffee to the way we share information with you. As a My BestCoffee Rewards member, we’d like to know a little more about how you interact with BestCoffee.

So, if you don’t mind, we have a few quick questions for you. We’ll use our newfound knowledge to craft more thoughtful offers and rewards for you to enjoy.

How did I feel?? Speciallike someone cares to craft an experience that I will enjoy every time I walk into BestCoffee.

Consistency of experience is marketing rule #1but off course, you have to understand your customers enough at the very start to create the right experience.

Did I mind taking 2-3 minutes to answer 10 questions?? Not at all!? Why? BestCoffee gave me a reason that put me at the center of the universe.they will craft more thoughtful offers and rewards just for me.

Could you find out more about your customer to tailor each and every service call and product to their own unique needs?? Start putting your customers at the center of the universe! ??For ideas, visit? the Communication DNA website.

Know Who Your Customers Are When They Call

Today, we are seeing a great increase in the use of CRM software in managing customer relationships. A good CRM definitely helps sales teams in keeping track of customer information. However, to be really effective the intelligence stored in the CRM must be connected to all company systems that are involved in serving the customer. This starts with connection to the phone system system on a real time basis. customer service experience, client engagement

Does your call center, service center and reception know who the clients are when they call in? Do? they know enough of the clients behavioral style to provide a customized experience? Imagine the increased revenue gains and efficiency if the right employee could be matched to the customer starting with the phone calls. To do this the CRM and phone system must be connected, and the right behavioral data stored and programmed into the CRM.

Learn more: Why Businesses Connect Their Phone Systems with CRM Software to Manage Customer Relationships – click here.

Why Retailers Want to Read Your Mind

Why do retailers want to read your mind? Because they understand that if they enhance a customers overall experience in their store, their customers will spend more time and money.

Client Engagement, DNA Relationship System, Customized Experiences

A recent USA Today article detailed the mix of initiatives that retailers are testing in order to target you with products and promotions that are likely to resonate with you.

Loyalty cards, birthday promotions and sale pricing are all examples of how a retailer gets the demographic information so they can tailor the shopping experience for you. Understanding what life stage you are in, whether or not you buy on impulse or rational thoughts, what type of ambiance is best for you are critical in attracting the right type of customer.

David Forbes, a psychologist who consults with Nordstrom and Gap, recently came up with an industrial chic dcor for outlet stores. After all, Forbes says, a stores ambiance can lure or repel consumers based on their mindsets and what they are looking for emotionally in a shopping trip.

Its not just retailers that are moving towards the behavioral model. Any business with a customer understands the more quickly they truly know and engage a customer on their terms, the stronger the relationship. What experience are you creating for your clients?

Learn more about how you can engage your customers on their terms.