Management Principle: Balance

We live in a busy world with very high demands. Being a good father/mother, husband/wife, employee, neighbor, churchgoer, etc, requires that we find the right balance. And, if the pressures of life rob you of your ability to relax and take in life around you, something’s wrong. We have a greater need today, than any other time in history, to find balance.

Balance. We all require balance to be healthy. Examples include: nutrition, exercise, sleep, recreation and hard work. Research shows that the most effective long-term employees are ones who keep work in balance with life. People who regularly spend 80 plus hours a week at work will eventually become corporate throwaways (sad fact). This level of “commitment” is not dedication–it’s a form of blindness that destroys relationships. To maintain balance one has to establish boundaries by determining what is acceptable and what is not. It requires that we find a way to communicate our needs without becoming defensive or appearing self-centered. Self love is very different than self-centeredness. For example, self love requires that we regularly bathe, cut and comb our hair, and brush our teeth. If we fail in these basic hygienic activities, people will be repulsed and hold us at a distance. Many of the extreme career choices we make, under the banner of being a committed employee, appear to others like we haven’t attended to our own personal hygiene. People with balance understand and address the tension between work and life.

Coaching questions: Where is your life out of balance? What would self love look like?

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