Keys to Developing a Client-Centric Approach

If you don’t decide strongly for yourself the favorable outcome you want out of a client/advisor relationship, your success as an advisor will likely come from others’ definition of success.

In most cases those who ask for financial advice already know the answer. Often this is based on their instinct and seeking professional advice delivers not only a confirmation but probably a measure of confidence in terms of trusting their instincts.

The measure of a strong advisor client relationship lies not in the confirmation of things already known but whether or not the advisor has the skills to take the relationship to the next level.

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A primary responsibility of an advisor is to gain an understanding of where the client is going before deciding how to get them there. This level of connection begins the process of taking the relationship to the next level.

Investing time into understanding the journey clients are on can only be achieved if the advisor firstly understands how to communicate effectively with them. Communication is the key that unlocks closed relationships and makes a pathway for questions to be asked in a way that causes no offence and yet elicits answers that go to the heart of how a client wants to use their money.

  • what their drivers are
  • the plans they have for their lives and those of their family
  • their tolerance to risk

Perhaps more importantly such an approach opens the door to insights that inevitably allow the advisor opportunities to upsell in a non-threatening way.

Todays economic landscape is constantly evolving and as a result people are far more cautious about the advice they listen to. Clients are likely to seek advice from many sources but are far more likely to return to those whose advice is based on understanding their journey and knowing how to communicate effectively with them. This is the relationship that not only delivers success for the advisor but peace of mind for the client. A win win.

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