Hugh Massie Year End Letter: Tough Years Drive Learning & Innovation

I know countless people who have taken the challenges and tumult of 2020 as an opportunity to level-set their life and business. So, as I put pen to paper to write my end-of-year letter, I’m reminded of courage like that.

Indeed, in the face of what may well be the most difficult global challenge most of us have faced, I salute those who have the courage and self-confidence to step into 2021 with new vigor, with a willingness to build their business, and maybe even with the inclination to take a different direction and start something new.

Whatever your (perhaps renewed) focus and outlook for 2021, I commend you.

DNA Behavior coping & flourishing during COVID-19

At DNA Behavior, we never could have known that the tools that are the core of our work and purpose would become significant to so many during the pandemic. A substantial number of businesses worked with us as they adapted to remote work. We helped them build a greater connection with their employees and their clients, which is vital to successful remote relationships.

These businesses gained access to scientifically based tools that enable them to manage the behavioral and communication issues these groups face as a consequence of remote work.

And, our Managing Director, Leon Morales (Initiator), and our Chief Learning Officer, Nikki Evans (Initiator), hosted a series of free webinars to help teams adjust to remote work and address best practices for remote team leadership. In this series we addressed common challenges and ways to handle miscommunications and uncertainties that arise. This series is available online for continued reference.

Our CTO, Ryan Scott (Reflective Thinker), donated his time to work with leaders at the University of Colorado Boulder. Ryan helped educate select leaders on how to move their teams to remote work, on behavioral attributes to adapt to this new work regime, and on accountability tools he uses while managing the DNA tech team.

Our CIL, Carol Pocklington (Facilitator), donated her time to speak with women in leadership who are required to work from home while also home-schooling children and running their businesses. They were keen to understand how to communicate with staff via social media or conferencing platforms, what previously unseen behaviors might surface and how best to juggle this tumultuous time.

Responding to the Digital Mandate

More than ever the global pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to become behaviorally smarter by providing digital solutions to meet the growing customized needs of employees and clients.

Fortunately, over the past two years we have enhanced our API capability, enabling a wide array of business types and sizes to leverage 500+ behavioral insights (covering virtually every human habit) via this “plug in.” The DNA API has added a significant human element to data and demographic information with behavioral details on the way a person communicates, invests, works and lives.

For example, financial advisors are now able to have a greater real-time understanding of their investors’ reactions to market shifts and be prompted to proactively engage so they are guided through these challenging times.

On the business operations side, the DNA API enables leaders to get real-time behavioral insights to better understand how people cope with online/remote working and how to motivate them based on their individual personalities.

A growing number of established and start-up businesses have embraced the idea of building behavioral insights directly into their tech platforms. This enables them to deliver enhanced engagement, productivity and pin-pointed solutions for each person/interaction. (Without jettisoning the tech they already have, as DNA’s API provides a behavioral plug-in for existing systems and platforms.)

Businesses also are growing as they have applied our tools and strategized new ways of working, investing, building business and staying connected with one another. Without this intersection of technology and behavior, none of this could have been done so easily and cost effectively – and at such a scale – for so many different organizations.

Building the Behavioral Ecosystem

Our development did not stop with the DNA API. In October, we announced the launch of the next generation behavior tech stack platform to facilitate API integration and a marketplace for our partners to sell their unique DNA Behavior-powered offerings around the world: The Helix Gateway Behavioral Network.

We were determined to build on the increased DNA API-enabled partnerships that had developed during this difficult year. The goal of the gateway is to connect partners or distributors with all of the resources needed to build, develop and scale behavior-enabled businesses which offer unique solutions that can deliver customized experiences. We’re onboarding distributors who facilitate and speed the work of organizations “plugging in” DNA’s “behavioral chip” to existing software and systems and new apps.

To accelerate the growth of this behavioral ecosystem – which, in turn, benefits all users – we recently completed a wholesale integration with Zapier, providing immediate access to over 2500 technology businesses. Zapier is the best solution that connects apps and automates workflows, making connectivity easy for our busy global clients.

When you add on top industry partners and distributors – such as Schwab, Salesforce, Wired to Perform, Brilliant fit, ARQ, Hadeda, Finwello and the like – the tech pathway to networking is simple and uncomplicated, ready to onboard the next tranche of digitally focused businesses into our behaviorally driven ecosystem.

Rapid change presents challenges for our clients and business partners. And, while we have had the opportunity to rapidly respond to the tech needs of our clients, we recognize that this transformation should always include people and relationships.

Every High-Performer Needs a Coach

In this difficult season we also recognized that powerful and private coaching customized to the individual leader is needed now more than ever, so we set up a DNA Coach Network.

Our behavioral management solutions, apps and tools have helped thousands of leaders, coaches, financial advisors, families and individuals achieve greater self-awareness and EQ. And, now – with the DNA Coach Network – even more people the world over can tap into these solutions and expertise.

 After all, behind every successful person is a coach, sounding board or team of advisors.

Onward into 2021!

As a serial entrepreneur, former wealth manager and “recovering CPA,” I recommend focusing on the TIPS principle because being able to clearly define Talent, Identity, Purpose and Significance (TIPS) sidelines frustration.

Individuals may well have a life vision but don’t have the confidence to get there without a coach. Without such guidance and reflection, they may lose focus to realize their vision.

A behavioral coach quickly identifies performance derailers. These can be natural DNA behavior-driven struggles, which are often strengths…but overplayed.

Beyond figuring out your TIPS, a behavioral coach also can identify behavioral blind spots that eventually become weaknesses. Very often this aspect of coaching can help determine how, where and why relationships have soured. This insight is critical for anyone building a new business or looking to rescue one that has fallen into a difficult place.

Through behavioral coaching, move forward with self-awareness, which (again) involves being conscious of different aspects of self, including traits, behaviors, feelings and EQ. With scientifically validated behavioral discovery, self-awareness can begin.

So, as we head into 2021, I wish you health, happiness and success as you stay connected to your TIPS. By doing so you will maximize your potential and mitigate conflicts that de-rail “good,” including your personal and business relationships.

Setting your annual intentionality

I look forward to continuing our journey together – or taking that first step if you’re just getting started with us. For now, I’ll leave you with this quote for reflection.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

What quote best frames the year you have planned for yourself or your organization? Drop me a line telling me about it:

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Business Referrals

Would your clients recommend you to a friend? 
This seems to be a quite easy and straight forward question. After all, any business owner can name at least one satisfied client that would be more than willing to vouch for them and recommend them to a friend. Or so they think. 

You see, when it comes to managing your business, any leader knows the importance of client referrals. While implementing different marketing strategies provides you with great exposure to potential new leads, acquiring new business through referrals is one of the most effective ways to foster a highly engaged relationship with your clients. 

So if that is the case, why are your business referrals not reflecting the number of satisfied clients you have? 

Here are the 5 most effective ways to boost your business referrals: 

1/ Identify Your Team’s Behavioral Style

The importance of identifying your team members’ behavioral styles lies in understanding their ways of interacting with your clients at a much deeper level. If leaders do not have a good understanding of behavioral differences within their teams, they will not be able to facilitate and encourage their employees to create a meaningful rapport with clients that would deem the business reference worthy. 

Every time your team has an interaction with a client (whether it is an email exchange or a phone call), and no matter what the nature of the exchange is, you should always be able to answer the question: Would your clients recommend your business to a friend? 

On an even much deeper level, you need to ask yourself as a leader if you have provided your team with all the tools they need to provide tailored and satisfactory services to your clients. The way you lead your team makes all the difference, and would instantly reflect on your business referrals. The outgoing, engaging, and conversationalist type of employee will more likely reach out to you with any concerns or recommendations they have regarding the services provided and will offer input and advice on how to serve your clients better and generate more referrals.  On the other hand, a more reserved and quiet team member may not actively speak up and address any concerns they might have unless prompted to do so. 

As you can see, people are different. They all have their own unique behavioral styles and understanding it is the key to bridge the gap to managing these differences and boosting your business referrals on the same occasion. 

A very valuable tool you can use to behaviorally manage your team is our Business DNA Talent Management Solution. Start your free trial today and unleash the full potential of your unique team. 

2/ Anticipate Your team’s Needs

Now that organizations around the world are working from home, the key to managing your remote team successfully is to first understand their level of adaptability to change. Whether it is adapting to new technology or organizational structure, you should always be able to identify the members of your team who are the most adaptable and those who tend to be reticent to change. The most adaptable group of individuals has the potential to help you lead the change, innovate your process, and facilitate your team’s adaptability to new technology.  

When you obtain this level of understanding of your team, you can then anticipate any needs for change they might have and proactively address it. That way, they are less concerned about the changes occurring in the organization, and more focused on your clients’ needs. 

3/ Balance Traditional and Technology

You might think that empowering your organization with high tech fully remote services is a sign of evolution and growth for your business, but you would be surprised at how many of your team members might consider that introduction to technology as a negative disrupter. Getting the balance right between traditional and technology by understanding behavioral differences and managing them is where leadership success sits. Through behavioral insights, you can build a strong connection with your team and unravel those who explicitly want face-to-face interaction, and those who prefer a digital solution. 
Knowing how to manage these differences is the key to your success. 

Remember, when you increase your team’s engagement, it results in increasing their engagement with the clients, which will highly impact your referrals.  

4/ Build a Behaviorally Smart Retention Strategy

If your goal is not only to boost your client recommendations but potentially build a client referral-based business, you need to first and foremost look into your team’s level of engagement and what your employee retention strategy looks like. As we mentioned before, a highly engaged team results in a highly engaged client, which will impact positively on your business referrals. 

The key to building a behaviorally smart retention strategy is to look into your work rewards system. Beyond financial retribution, various rewards motivate your team and your responsibility as a leader is to understand their behaviors, identify those rewards, and implement them in your retention strategy. Whether it is career progression, sense of achievement, or personal growth, motivating your team through these non-financial rewards will increase their engagement and reflect on their rapport with your clients.  

Team development coaching programs can be quite valuable to help you increase your team engagement. The DNA Coach Network is a powerful and private coaching program that has helped thousands of leaders develop their team’s capabilities and achieve their goals.  

Schedule your first call today!

5/ Invest in Coaching Services

Building a sustainable client referral network can not only boost your business, but it also has the potential to propel you to the next level.
While it all seems pretty straight forward and easy to implement, at one point or the other, you will need the help and guidance of an expert. No one knows your own business and your clients more than you do, but when it comes to behavioral insights and how to implement them in your decision-making process, investing in business coaching services is the key. As a matter of fact, the DNA Coach Network is the most convenient, secure, and efficient way to improve your performance and reach your business goals. With full access to a network of coaches, mentors, and advisors you can expect support and partnership throughout the process, absolute confidentiality, and deeper insight into your leadership and behavioral style.
Schedule your first call today and let us take your business to the next level.