How to Get Started With Financial DNA in 5 Steps

Financial DNA is a comprehensive and customizable tool. It will guide you to work alongside your clients as they tune into their financial personality and money habits. 

By using the very same tool top advisors around the world are using, you will be able to enhance your investor experience. We have created this guide to seamlessly assist you in getting started with Financial DNA.

Step 1: Set up your admin system

If you purchased Financial DNA through an enterprise, your account may have come pre-configured with some basic settings to get started. If so, you can skip this step. Otherwise, if you did purchase it on your own, you can easily upload your logo and apply a few basic settings to get started. 

If you sign up for a Financial DNA package, there are several different customization options available. You can customize the web-screens and reports with your logo after signing in. If you were not directed to do this, please contact our support team so they may assist you in customizing your profile. 

Step 2: Customize your messaging

The best way to learn something is to try it for yourself, and Financial DNA is no different. By testing it out yourself, you will go through the steps as an investor would so you will always be talking from first-hand experience.

Once you have completed your own Financial DNA, it’s time to start inviting others. We do have a variety of free templates that you are free to use to assist you in creating compelling email invitations that others will want to join. 

Step 3: Recruit your 5 first users

You’ll soon see how Financial DNA can be used to help your clients. Invite five friends or family members to use Financial DNA to complete their own discoveries and you will quickly understand how ‘real-life’ actions translate into our DNA reports. 

Financial DNA is here to assist you in being comfortable and familiar with our product fast.

In the previous step, we provided sample invitations for you to use to invite family members and friends. Once they have completed their DNA,  you will be able to practice your client conversations with them using these results so that you can become familiar with Behaviorally SMART conversations.

Step 4: Review & connect

Step 5: Schedule your coaching session

Another useful advantage to you is that our team will invite you for a free one-on-one coaching session with our coach, which is included with each Financial DNA package.  

In this interactive call we’ll answer any questions you have about what is included in your package and provide an opportunity for some hands-on practice, debriefing clients using our Behavioral Smart Meeting approach, so you are well prepared to be able to confidently converse with your own potential clients.


Financial DNA is the future of advisor/investor relationships. Top investors in the world are using it, and so should you. 

The best way to discover and learn about Financial DNA is to try it out yourself with a free trial

We’re all about giving people an easy way into getting started on this financial journey, which means that we offer you this 5 step guide to getting started right now, where users can get acquainted with our platform before they commit to anything long term. 

We are sure you can see the benefits of using Financial DNA and should this now be something you want to explore further, please go ahead and access our free trial and get started working towards your advisor/ investor goals. 

Major Release: Architectural Changes in Summer 2020

Update: Release of Architectural Changes Delayed until December 2020


This original notice was posted on June 3rd and updated on June 17th. We will postpone this API Endpoint URL change until December 2020 to allow our clients to make any necessary preparations for this change.

What is happening:

Over the past year, we have launched several new features such as the DNA API and the all-new Financial DNA Investor experience that have increased the demand on our DNA platform and cloud-based Microsoft Azure hosting system. To keep up with the increased demand we are adding more servers and resources. In order to complete this exercise, there will be a temporary maintenance period within our Production and Sandbox environments. Below are details about this scheduled maintenance and a workaround so that you and your business are not affected.

Who this impacts:

All users who access the DNA Behavior Platform ( and API during the release period.

When it is happening:

Users will be affected during the following release periods:

How this affects you:

While our platform will remain active, the domains and will be
unavailable temporarily during this release period.

Actions you can take so that this doesn’t affect you:

To prepare for this upcoming release, we previously set up additional domain names to be accessed during this time to minimize the impacts on you and your clients. These domains will remain active to minimize the impacts of this maintenance on your business. You can use additional domain names during this time are listed below. Please note, these new domain names will be available beginning at the times and dates below and will remain active following the release. – API URL for the Sandbox environment – Admin system URL for the Sandbox environment – API URL for the Production environment – Admin System URL for the Production environment