Leadership Decision-Making Through Intuition

As a leader you are faced with making difficult decisions every day. Often these decisions are complex with many factors to be considered

Are You a Behaviorally Smart Wholesaler?

Your job as a wholesaler requires you to have a multitude of skills. The challenge is that we cannot possibly be a 10 in all skills. Honestly assessing your strengths and struggles will help keep you on track for your own best success.

Using an Enterprise Behavioral Program to develop Operational Insights

People problems within multi-function corporate teams are often the result of a lack of Interpersonal Operational Insights based on behavioral assessments.

The Importance of People Centered Leadership in the Financial Industry

In many parts of the world financial regulators are placing more and more constraints on the industry. From improving record keeping in terms of recording advisor/client conversations to alerting the industry about the need to understand client behavior over and above tolerance to risk.

Management Principle: Thinking and Staff Development

In today’s world we’re not really encouraged to think, and by that I mean to wrestle long and hard over issues that involve different mindsets, considering tradeoffs, and then arriving at specific well thought out conclusions.

5 out of 60 Cause Execution Blockages

As a leader have you ever looked into your business to discover where the execution blockages are? There only needs to be one square peg in a round hole for there to be a problem.

What is Your Employee Engagement Revenue Multiplier?

In the case of a large retailer research proved a mere 5% increase in employee engagement lead to a 1.3% increase in customer engagement leading to 0.5% more revenues.

New Leadership Communication

Harvard Business School Research shows that 92% of companies agree that the practice of internal communication has undergone a lot of change in their organizations.