How Important is Workplace Environment to Delivering Business Success?

Over the past years there has been a cultural shift to open plan working. The open office was first conceived by Quickborner a team from Hamburg, Germany, in the 1950s, to facilitate communication and idea flow. Their mantra: to furnish people with the most effective, productive and pleasant working environments possible. Todays executives may well […]

How to Close the 40/60% Relationship Gap in Engagement and Sales

Social media, in all its forms, is an important tool for businesses. When used appropriately, it enables interaction and engagement between service providers and their customers. An undeniable example for the power of social media in todays world is all the concepts, products, applications, services, etc. that have grown exponentially in reach through Facebook interactions […]

Management Principle: System Irrationality

System irrationalities reveal themselves when we think, plan and build processes one way, then get unexpected outcomes as a result.

Management Principle: Relationships

There are different types of relationships in the work setting: manager, peer, vendor, direct reports, etc. And, each relationship has a specific context that creates a unique way of relating.

Management Principle: Words

Being careful about our own emotional state and being mindful of our own stress reactions can go a long way in improving the way we communicate with others.

Management Principle: Trust

Most people long for deep and meaningful relationships and yet are ever puzzled as to why they don’t work as well as they should. The missing ingredient, preventing individuals and teams from going deeper, is trust.

Management Principle: Acknowledgement

Our words have tremendous power in the lives of others. The cascading consequences of our words will show up somewhere else in life and either help us or hurt us.

New Leadership Communication

Harvard Business School Research shows that 92% of companies agree that the practice of internal communication has undergone a lot of change in their organizations.