Mind the Gap: Patterns of Communication Directly Linked to Team Success

While numbers can provide the bottom line story that CEOs want to hear, the how of getting to a high level of team performance might surprise you.

Management Principle: Misfits

In today’s work environments where staff members are promoted to managers and leaders because they were really good at their craft, we oftentimes miss the most important ingredient as to whether they can truly be successful in their new role. Do they really understand how to manage and motivate people?

Management Principle: Fully Present

Because human beings are open loop creatures (see last week’s principle), communication and connection are essential for proper human function. When organizational leaders fail to communicate in an authentic way, people lack something they need to operate at optimum levels. For those who have learned the secret of being fully present, they enjoy the fruits […]

Management Principle: Developing Others

Learning how to skillfully ask the right question, and in a way that promotes thinking, is the most helpful and caring way to assist another person.

All I Said Was…

A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000 words a day. Thats a lot of talking. Combine that with the demand to have immediate responses and that leaves little time for thinking before we speak. See if you have experienced either of these All I Said Was.”

Management Principle: Human Incentive Systems

The difference between a good company and a great one is its people–providing the right human incentive systems is what ultimately creates a great company.

Secrets to Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace is disruptive. It can have a negative impact on productivity, and may pose a threat to other employees. The quicker you can resolve a situation of conflict the better off your employees will be.

Management Principle: Vicious Compliance

Today’s business environment is so challenging that we must fully employ the resources at our disposal. We underutilize our staff when we fail to delegate or tap into their thinking and judgment.