Top 10 Clues that Employees are Disengaging

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Employee engagement is critical to retaining top performers. Assessing the level of engagement and executing an improvement plan are helpful. However, surveys are a snapshot measurement. There are signs you can be watching for that may alert you that your improvement plan isn’t working. Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you need to sit back and relax!

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From 2008 to 2010, employee engagement dropped to 56%. This was the largest rate of decline in 15 years, according to Aon Consulting.? So how can you measure employee engagement within your organization?? Generally companies will deploy an employee engagement survey using an external company to administer the survey ensuring anonymity for employees. Others will develop their own internal surveys which? lack question validity and robust reporting features which can be drawbacks to developing an improvement plan.

But what if you don’t have the time or money and want to get a broad sense of overall engagement, what are your options?? My suggestion is to look for the top 10 clues that employees may be disengaging from their work.? And, the 10 clues are:

  1. Quality of service and products is dropping-employees are not showing a genuine level of concern for customer needs and the quality of their workmanship
  2. Absenteeism is increasing-the amount of time employees are missing from work is affecting overall department or company performance and may be affecting the morale of those having to pick up a greater work load.

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Author: Beth Armknecht Miller, President and Executive Coach, Executive Velocity Inc

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