Top 5 Behaviors for Executive Leaders in the 21st Century

Todays world presents new challenges for modern leaders, and certain behaviors are becoming more important to excel at if you want to succeed.

First, managers and leaders are not the same thing. Managers do well at the business side of things, and leaders do too?yet, leaders must also excel in areas beyond the ability to get basic business things accomplished.Top Executive Management Principles

The following five areas of behavior are not the only skills executive leaders should seek to improve, but they ones that are important, particularly in todays world.

For an executive leader, reflection may be the most important area, according to an AchieveGlobal study, which had a goal of developing a comprehensive model articulating key areas of focus for 21st-century leaders. ?A leaders ability to successfully navigate continually changing, uncertain waters requires continual reflection and improvement. ?Leaders demonstrate the ability to reflect by having the ability to:

  • Ask themselves how they can become better.
  • Act with the self-confidence to experience new behaviors.

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Author: Beth Armknecht Miller, President and Executive Coach, Executive Velocity Inc

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