Troy Prince – The Wall Street Journey of an ‘Adapter’

Over the past year, Hugh Massie sat down with some of the most influential consultants and entrepreneurs. Through their identity conversations, they’ve all shared the impact DNA Behavior and knowing their identity has had on their work. Today, we shine the light on the journey of Troy Prince.

Where it all began

Raised in the Bronx, Troy Prince is second-generation Caribbean. Being a child prodigy, his first experience with the stock market was at the age of 15 during a social study class where the assignment was to identify the stock that performed the best over a certain period of time. Without having done any fundamental research, he still answered correctly. 

The turning point for Troy was reading the Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. The book listed some of the world’s best traders at the time, and that’s how he immediately knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.  At the age of 16, he graduated from high school and went to NYU Stern. By the time he was 17, he was cold calling at Shearson Lehman.

Troy also spent significant time abroad working for both American and international Investment Banks, always in trading. He also speaks 4 languages and has always been passionate about connecting typically overlooked urban talent with the capital markets and investment opportunities.  

The identity of an ‘Adapter’

After taking our DNA discovery test, Troy’s results concluded that his unique DNA style is Adapter. This means that he’s very flexible and adaptable. On some days, he would take the lead, on other days, he will take a bit more of a backseat. Deep down, Troy has got a competitive drive, which is all validated by his studious school years and career development.

Wall Street Bound was born

Troy is quite the entrepreneur. He’s had a very interesting business career in capital markets in New York, and investing in Vietnam. He had an idea for a non-profit that helps minorities learn and work in the financial services space on Wall Street 15 years ago. His goal was to build on the ever-expanding diversity needs and movement occurring in the business community. 

In June of 2019, Troy brought his idea to life and Wall Street Bound was born. The organization’s mission is to expose minorities to different opportunities and get them to see that their potential may be greater than what they think it is, or it could be in a different area than what they thought. 

Another common ground that Troy and DNA Behavior had at the start of it all was stirring organizations and our business culture towards diversity and inclusion. In how own words ”The bridge is getting built, it’s still very fragile, it needs further work, but the mindset of the business leaders is to focus more on D&I but, at the same time, everybody’s got to be able to thrive together.” 

Final Thoughts..

With more than 20 years in the industry, Troy sums up his mission in wanting to “build a minority growth mindset”. Through teaching financial skills and corporate culture, his work with Wall Street Bound helps empower under-represented adults to achieve beyond their current horizons. 

Click below to watch Troy’s Identity Conversation.

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier is a content marketing strategist. With a background of 10 years experience in marketing and content creation, she is particularly passionate about behavioral science and how behavioral insights can be leveraged to build successful businesses, manage finances, and even mediate personal relationships.