Using an Enterprise Behavioral Program to develop Operational Insights

People problems within multi-function corporate teams are often the result of a lack of Interpersonal Operational Insights based on behavioral assessments. business operations strategy, business dna, dna behavior, arete global consulting

While executives have a multitude of metrics and bench-marked data to run other aspects of their businesses, they generally lack the ability to measure and track behavioral aspects of their organizations that are clearly critical to success.

The implementation of an Enterprise Behavioral Program will allow organizations to internally enhance their hiring expertise, goal collaboration, executive coaching, leadership development, career management, interpersonal conflict resolution and develop customer and vendor insights to improve performance.

Learn how Arete Global Consulting is helping organizations succeed with behavioral assessments through their Enterprise Behavioral Program.

Leon Morales

Leon Morales

Chief Relationship Accelerator

Human Behavior Advisor, Human Capital Management, Customer Experience Specialist

Leon Morales is a builder of successful people driven organizations. With a deep conviction that organizational success is only achieved when leadership really understands each employee, Leon is certified in the DNA Behavior. Method and Birkman Method of personality assessment and has crafted his professional career around high-impact consultative roles. These include serving as Business Development Principal and Leadership Practice Principal for Innovar Collective, LLC and in various corporate leadership roles during his 17-year tenure with Cox Communications.

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