Using Communication DNA for Developing Your Client Meeting Reports

To achieve high levels of client engagement and satisfaction, you need to customize your client communication, based on the wants, need sand preferences of each client.? Advisors who deliver the same program, package or meeting to all clients have very little hope of achieving high client satisfaction rankings.? On the other hand, it is a rather daunting and overwhelming task to build customized solutions to each and every client.

To further compound the problem, you are generally not dealing with individuals only.? In most cases you are dealing with couples, so to get high satisfaction rates, you should be reporting differently to both husband and wife.

There is a simpler way to customize your reporting and meetings for your clients.? Communication DNA:

The Communication DNA report identifies your preferred method of communication and your product and service preferences.? For example, a Goal Setting Focus client prefers:

1. How you wish to be communicated with
??? ?Provide Options When Communicating ? give alternatives, enable this person to make the choice
??? ?Get to the Bottom Line ? quickly describe the result or outcome
??? ?Communicate Directly ? be frank, candid, deliver a clear message
??? ?Focus on Returns ? explain the returns, revenue, price or cost benefit

2. Product and Services Preferences
??? ?Life Need: Influence ? desire to influence situations, outcomes or others
??? ?Financial Approach: Goals ? will want to set and pursue goals to get ahead
??? ?Risk Approach: Present risk/reward ? inherently will take risks if the reward is known
??? ?Service Delivery: To the point ? present facts and figures, bottom line
??? ?Meeting Conduct: Formal ? business like boardroom setting will be preferred
??? ?Information Requirement: Big picture ? present the vision, overview of the outcome
??? ?Relationship Management: Provide contacts ? give introductions to others, help them grow
??? ?Learning Style: Discussion ? they prefer to talk about issues first

By segmenting your clients into the four communication preference categories, you simplify the daunting task of creating a customized solution for each client.? Instead, you can simply create meeting and reporting packages for each of the four communication styles.

For example, you are preparing for a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Smith.? Mr. Smith is a high Information Need and Mrs. Smith is a high Goal Setter.? Mr. Smiths meeting package will be packed with information.? You may even want to give him a reading list or selected articles for his review.? Mrs. Smith wants the big picture ? present the vision, overview of the outcome.? For her, you may want to give her a two-page executive summary discussing trends and how they affect her investment portfolio.

By developing four packages, based on the four communication styles, you can satisfy the needs, wants and preferences for your entire client list and still deliver a highly customized solution for each client.

Customized solutions = Higher client engagement and satisfaction, greater share of wallet, improved client retention and more client referrals.

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1 Comment on "Using Communication DNA for Developing Your Client Meeting Reports"

Alexis Robin
9 years 3 months ago
Love the use of the Communication DNA. This is a great article. In my practice I use the DiSC Behavioral Assessments. I have recently moved to Lake Tahoe to pursue by Life & Business Coaching program full time. I found your site while doing some research for my local radio show. I am inspired to look again at using Communication DNA.