Using Communication DNA For Lead Generation

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how to generate leads from your lead generation activities?

Although most advisors generate the bulk of their new leads from client referral, they usually have other business development programs to enhance the growth rate of their business.? These lead generation activities range from the more traditional methods, such as seminars and mail drops to more interesting methods, like radio programs and speaking at public seminars.

For lead generation programs to be successful, you need to create a call to action to create leads for your business.? These typically include offering an investment or financial planning report or a chance to win a prize.

One of the biggest complaints and reasons that clients change advisors is poor client service.? Poor client service generally starts with a poor understanding of that particular clients communication preferences and the inability of that client to properly articulate his or her preferences.

By purchasing Communication DNA, you receive a unique link that can be put on your website, your e-mail signature, in brochures or handouts.? When a client or prospective client clicks on the link they are sent to a website to complete their assessment.? This process is very simple.? It takes less than five minutes to complete and upon completion, your client will receive an e-mail with their one-page report.? For a sample report, click here.? Simultaneously, you receive a copy of the report with, not only the report findings, but also all the contact information.

If you are doing a radio program, make the following offer.? Independent research about advisor/client relationships shows clearly that the biggest reason clients change advisors is poor communication and client service.? When was the last time that your advisor asked you about your communication preferences?? If you would like to complete a free assessment to help you articulate your communication preferences, click here.? The process will take you less than five minutes and you will receive your report immediately by e-mail.? This is a service that we offer to all our clients because we clearly understand the importance of developing client service programs based on our clients preferences.

Similar offers can be constructed for other forms of lead generation programs.

If you have not complete your Communication DNA assessment, we welcome you to do so by clicking here.

By doing so, you will also get to experience our Communication DNA follow-up process to see how you can build a similar one for your business.

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