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    Kenneth Darryl Brown says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I am a “left brainer” and always have been one. For me, it was all about making the sale and focusing on my goals versus the person sitting across from me. I spend little time on rapport building and more time on closing the deal! However, to be successful in business, I learned to adapt. I changed my sales approach and became more consultative. I had to learn to listen to my prospects and focus on their needs, concerns and goals. As a result, I had to become a “right brainer”. This changed my business and it made me stand out from the competition. I began to spend more time and ask specific questions. Thus, I spent more time focused on them versus my products and services My company created creative ways to connect with my prospects. For example, we created an online business calculator to help us better engage our prospects. This ROI tool improves our rapport with them and sales conversion rates. Yes, the most important person is the person that you are speaking with. It is not about you on the sales call. It’s about your prospective clients goals and challenges. Great article and a wonderful contribution to help us better understand how we can be more profitable and productive in the “new behavioral economy”.


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