What Behavioral Style Are You?

You are a team leader, a coach, or a financial advisor, you are quite familiar with the human relationships aspect of your work. Imagine if there was a special pair of ‘insight’ glasses that you could wear while reading through resumes or talking with potential prospects. These special glasses would allow you to know how people like to be managed, communicated with and counselled. 

What if people had their behavioral style written all over them?

Well, they have. Our DNA Behavior technology is able to pinpoint every human habit and group individuals into behavioral styles unique to certain groups with the same traits. 

Would you be interested to know what yours is?

Meet Our 10 Unique Styles

By recognizing and grouping together a variety of human traits, we have identified 10 unique behavioral styles. You will actually find that you might identify with at least one of them.

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For now, we will be sharing with you the four main characteristics of these 10 unique styles. 


In our unique styles, three types of individuals are considered fast-paced; the Influencers, the Engagers, and the Initiators.

The difference is the Influencer is very comfortable with, or even enjoys, being the life of the party. By nature, they are fun, full of energy, always with a captivating story to tell and a smile on their face.

The Engager is an outgoing character, who tends to surround themselves  with family and friends, and is comfortable spending time with people at family gatherings, places of interest, and even work functions. The Engager has a natural enthusiasm for starting new projects and is quick to get going with tasks such as planning a family holiday, arranging a fishing competition amongst friends, or arranging a fundraiser for a project close to their heart.

The third style in this fast-paced group is the Initiator. The difference between this style and the previous two is that this person likes to have the facts and is comfortable making quick decisions. For example, when they are about to make an important purchase, they will gather all of the facts and figures together, consider the pros and the cons, and assess their choices in a rational manner.

Moves Carefully

This group of people is more cautious in their decisions and the way they live their lives.

The Adapter is that one team member you will find yourself going to when you need assistance – they have their own strengths and capabilities but as they enjoy working in a team, will easily adapt according to what the team requires to reach their goals

The Stylish Thinker likes to spend money on trends but they will also create and work within a budget to build their dream lifestyle. Stylish Thinkers enjoy interacting with others and getting the most out of any situation. When it comes to making life decisions or working with others, they tend to always create a relaxed environment. They like to collaborate and provide input, however, they have a need of avoiding conflict.

The Facilitator on the other hand excels in competitive situations. They work well where there is group-decision making and encourage other players to achieve the goals set. They also appreciate being acknowledged for their input into the team’s success.


Here we have two types of results-oriented behaviors. 

The Strategist wants to be in control of their path. They need to have all of the facts before making a strategic decision, and everything must be planned and well organized.

The second in this group is the Reflective Thinker and they are more involved in the ‘why’ of doing something, rather than the ‘what’. If they are given directions to a destination that is not the usual route they travel, they will need evidence as to why this route is better and will need time to think about it before acting on it. 


The Community Builder and the Relationship Builder are the most relationship-oriented individuals you’ll ever meet.

Community Builders are, by nature, encouraged to help others see the final goal they are working towards and can effortlessly drive others simply by being themselves. 

The Relationship Builder, on the other hand, enjoys carrying out tasks if these tasks are going to help someone else. A life coach or even a business coach who is motivating and encouraging someone else to achieve their goals fits perfectly into this category. 

Final Thoughts..

Simply being aware of our own character traits and knowing ourselves on a much deeper level is such a powerful asset. Which of the four categories can you relate to?

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier is a content marketing strategist. With a background of 10 years experience in marketing and content creation, she is particularly passionate about behavioral science and how behavioral insights can be leveraged to build successful businesses, manage finances, and even mediate personal relationships.