what happens when you put a stylish thinker in a room of initiators

What Happens When You Put a Stylish Thinker in a Room of Initiators?

First, let me start this blog with giving you some history. Four months ago I was lucky enough to land the Operations Manager position with DNA Behavior. I really did not know much about Communication Styles or Human Behavior. Of course, I had taken a personality’ test or two in my career and found them interesting, but never used what I learned. I had just spent the last 20 years of my life in the Parking Business. I was more comfortable walking a dark parking garage than sitting in front of a computer in a well-lit and comfortable office. And then came DNA Behavior.

The DNA staff had just recently moved offices and were still adjusting to their new digs. I was required to take the same assessments prior to my employment as many of our customers do. I also noticed that each desk had a clear plastic sign holder on each desk with information’ about each person. This peaked my interest. Do they truly talk the talk and walk the walk?

My first day on the job I was introduced to what all those desk signs meant. I quickly learned that I was in a room of Initiators. Initiators are Results Driven, Very Logical and Determined people. These people need to be in control and set the agenda at all times. The office was always quiet, had nothing on the walls and nothing on their desks beyond what they absolutely needed to work. The place reminded me of a very quiet hospital…without the ‘Get Well’ flowers.

Now, you have to understand I am a Stylish Thinker. It is important that I work in a relaxed, positive, and cutting-edge office. I like a little fun/excitement in my day. My environment must be comfortable. How was this Stylish Thinker going to survive in this environment? Surprisingly well, actually. Every member of the DNA Staff does Walk the Walk. I was introduced to Comparison Reports and Team Reports in the first week. I learned that no one style is better or worse than another. It is just your personal style. The detailed reports helped me to communicate and understand all these Initiators. I know what is expected of me and how my co-workers communicate. There are no misunderstandings because we all understand and respect each other.

In an environment with such stark differences in our styles, our President, Hugh Massie, has created the tools that allow his staff to work in a positive, appreciative and respectful office. And, they don’t even mind me playing the radio and telling my weekly jokes (most are clean.) We understand and respect each other for who we are, we know where our strengths and struggles are and we use this information to maximize our business in every way. From speaking with our customers ( we know what communication style they are ) to working with each other, we consider how the other person prefers to be communicated with to make our conversations work.

Using the DNA Behavior tools can and will make your office one where people do not dread coming to work. They deliver a greater understanding that we are human, and we are not all alike.

Give our Behavior DNA tools a try: https://www.dnabehavior.biz/Account/RegisterByGroup/James Whitehurst Trials/22

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