What is the Ideal Advisor?

Every person is unique and has unique needs and circumstances.

Each client wants to be related to and served differently because their financial personality is different. This should be one of the primary drivers of who they seek out as their advisor to build a life time advisory relationship with.

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However, foundational to the choice for clients is that the advisor is capable of providing them with a comprehensive service that holistically addresses all of their life and financial needs. The CFP Board has recently conducted a research study that found:

91% of those surveyed said they wanted their financial advisor to take into account their total financial situation, while 70% said they would prefer to work with an advisor who provides comprehensive financial planning services. Thirty percent said theyd prefer to work with someone who specializes in one area such as retirement.

This research provides good insights for advisors building their practice.

Read more at the Think Advisor website.

Although, comprehensive planning is required by clients ? it is still important that advisors know their strengths and struggles so that they always play their A game in attracting and serving the right clients.

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