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What is Your Crisis Personality? Do You Know?

I was asked this question recently. Fortunately, as a behaviorally smart leader, I am in the business of knowing my inherent personality and was able to respond that as an initiator I like to take bold, aggressive actions and create the rules.

I prefer to lead decision-making, setting the agenda to get things done. I don’t want to get caught up in minutia and will make fast well thought through decisions. Give me a challenge and I will deliver an outcome.

Not a lot phases me. I’m level-headed in a crisis but being given the “run around” or having my time wasted on irrelevant issues irritates me as would investments that do not live up to the advisors claims.

As leader, and in the face of these unprecedented times, it’s right that those I lead, and our customers, should know how I stand up in a crisis.

There are tough decisions to be made not just in our business but in our customers businesses. My advice to leaders is this – get to know your crisis personality. Without this insight you will not be able to manage your responses. After that, use the same validated scientifically based behavioral tool to reveal the personality of your team leaders and key decision-makers.

One of the significant areas we are involved in is working with financial advisors as they connect with their clients. Not only has the financial industry faced remote working, no face to face contact, but it’s important to remember that those giving advice are themselves deep into the chaos of what is happening right now. They are facing overwhelming workloads while dealing with the same stress of isolation possible financial ruin as their clients.

Yet those advisors who have a strong platform of behavioral insight are faring well. They know themselves; they can manage their own emotions and behaviors at a time like this and pass this insight onto their clients.
For the most part financial advisors have taken a leaf out of our book and moved swiftly to virtual working with the use of conferencing software to stay connected with clients. For many, the relationship is going well and for many more, it’s unlikely their clients will want or need to go back to face to face meetings.

financial personality

One of the most effective tools we find our customers praising is being able to have the financial personality of their clients in real time on any device. Just before jumping on a zoom or phone call they can refresh their memory on the financial or behavioral personality of the individual they are about to speak to and advise them based on that personality insight.

financial personality

We have found that those most people likely to emerge from this season successfully can cope well with rapid change. They remain calm and thoughtful yet still able to make well thought through decisions quickly.

As an industry leader, you need to know and understand your crisis personality. Once revealed it can be managed. Why not check this out now – free on me, no agenda, you will be glad you did.

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Leon Morales

Chief Relationship Accelerator

Human Behavior Advisor, Human Capital Management, Customer Experience Specialist

Leon Morales is a builder of successful people driven organizations. With a deep conviction that organizational success is only achieved when leadership really understands each employee, Leon is certified in the DNA Behavior. Method and Birkman Method of personality assessment and has crafted his professional career around high-impact consultative roles. These include serving as Business Development Principal and Leadership Practice Principal for Innovar Collective, LLC and in various corporate leadership roles during his 17-year tenure with Cox Communications.