Why Customers Don’t Complete Your Survey

Trying to get to know your customers better?? Welcome to the New Behavioral Economy.? So are most companies.? But their approach differs dramatically.

In The Center of the Universe, I wrote about how happy I was to complete a survey for BestCoffee.

Within a week, I got another request after I just completed a phone call with my insurance company.? But I must admit, I wasnt so excited about this request:customer service experience, client engagement

Thank you for placing your trust in Popular Insurance Company. ?Your feedback is very important. Please let us know about your recent Customer Service experience by answering a few questions using the link below. The survey takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback as we continuously strive to improve your experience with us.? We appreciate your business and thank you again for choosing Popular Insurance Company.
How did I feel?? The opposite of special: part of a mass production email that was? sent to millions of other customers.? Boring! This must be a parallel universe where they have good intentions but are missing the personalization concept.

Did I take the 3-5 minutes to complete the survey?? No.? Why?? There was simply no excitement or motivation for me to take the next step.? Even when I got another reminder (same type of wording), I hit the delete button.

The lesson?? You need to customize each communication to your clients in order for them to take action.? Clearly, this message was lost on my style.

How do you learn the communication style of your customers to create more meaningful, customized experiences?? Explore the Communication DNA website.

Peggy Mengel

Peggy Mengel

Peggy Mengel - Business Coach - The Biz Sherpa

As CEO and founder of The Biz Sherpa, I coach and consult with executives on developing deep and strong relationships with clients, staff and most importantly, themselves. When you align your talents, passions and strengths with a strategy that fits your uniqueness, you will transform yourself, your client experience and your business.

Throughout my career, one my driving principles is to understand people before numbers. It is this philosophy that ignites my desire to help financial services firms meet the challenge of driving results through a behaviorally based strategy.

How can your firm balance the demands of effectively managing people and maximizing profits? Start building business from the "inside-out" with a coach who understands your industry and your challenges.

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