Why Should You Invest in Continuous Learning?

As we celebrate National Online Learning Day, we recognize the advantage and vast potential of online learning and continuous learning in general. In the wake of COVID-19 and the WFH era, those of us who’ve been working from home these past months have the ability to use the additional time they’ve been given at home to invest in continuous learning. Whether you pick up a course online, listen to an educational podcast, catch up on your book reading or attend online webinars, learning new skills and polishing old ones can only happen if you commit to investing in yourself.

Benefits of Continuous Learning

Regardless of your career stage, your future aspirations, or your education level, continuous learning is essential to every individual. Whether you seek it on your own or through your organization, it is necessary for you to foster a motivated persistence to learn and acquire new skills that can expand your future opportunities. Personal and professional development might seem different at times, but neither of them can be furthered without continuous learning.
The many benefits of persistently seeking new knowledge range from career advancement to financial attribution, creativity, confidence, team management skills, and many more. The question you should be asking yourself is not “How does continuous learning benefit me?”, but “How can I ensure being consistent at it?” because those benefits are undeniable.

Where to Seek Continuous Learning 

There are many resources available to you to seek continuous learning. Obviously, the most convenient ones are online, and the good thing is, there are many online resources available to you that are convenient, accurate, relevant, and some of them at low or no cost at all. The key here is to diversify your learning resources in order to get the best out of the learning process. Finding resources for your continuous learning quest depends on the subject matter or the skills you would like to acquire. Online publications, e-books, podcasts, and webinars are a good place to start. Other things to take into consideration are your learning style, how much time you are willing to dedicate to your learning process, and whether or not you have a particular goal in mind. The key here is to find the right pace that serves you and ensure the longevity of your continuous learning quest.

Continuous Learning in Organizations 

As an organization, fostering a culture that promotes continuous learning has a huge impact on your employees. Providing your teams with numerous training and learning opportunities throughout the year provides them with a sense of trust and empowerment. They will feel extremely valued by their organization and inspire them to produce the highest quality work they possibly can. However, bear in mind that it all starts with the leaders. Unless your team whiteness your full engagement and support to creating a perpetual learning atmosphere, they will not be as engaged in it as you would want them to be. You need to commit to creating a learning plan for your team, as well as providing them with the resources and time needed for their training. It has been proven many times over that continuous learning in an organization leads to increased productivity, increase engagement, and impact the company’s performance and profit. Do not see it as a cost for your organization, consider it as an investment that you will surely get a return on.

Continuous Learning with DNA Behavior

Here at DNA Behavior, we fervently believe in the importance of continuous learning and have committed to hosting weekly webinars to educate our audience on the importance of implementing behavioral insights in the management of their teams and businesses. Join us for our webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16 at 3 PM ET as we will be announcing the launch of our new Consultant Packages starting at $99/mo only. Whether you are seeking to launch your consulting business or solidify your professional expertise using DNA Behavior’s unlimited resources, register today to save your spot.

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier is a digital marketer and content writer. With a background of 10 years experience in marketing and content creation, she is particularly passionate about behavioral science and how behavioral insights can be leveraged to build successful businesses, manage finances, and even mediate personal relationships.