Your Likeability Factor

Do you know what your likeability factor is? What do others say about you? What do you say about yourself?

I recently read a book called “The Likeability Factor” by Tim Sanders. The message of the book was to focus and continually reinforce all of those aspects about you that are likeable and further, to encourage you to be doing more of what is likeable about you. The other side of the message is not to continuously look at the negatives.

In a number of group sessions I run, whether it be a team, family or business discussion group I often conduct an “icebreaker” exercise by going around the room and having each person say what they like about each other. From such an apparently simple exercise, I have always found the outcome amazing. Everyone is usually highly liberated in some positive way by being told something they had not realized others saw in them. Just imagine the positive life development that will come from living that “likeability factor” more.

Interestingly, the likeability factor is often related to the person’s greatest behavioral strengths from their Financial DNA profile, e.g. for me people have always liked my approach to continuous development or being straight forward or pioneering. For others, it may be their compassion or ability to think out of the box.

The power of the exercise is that it allows people to be vulnerable in a very safe way. The camaraderie and bonds get tightened. This then helps in making the platform for developing relationships more sound, which we know is critical to team or family prosperity.

Try focusing on your likeability factor and see what changes it makes to your own life, family and teams you are in.

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