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Align Activities to Your Unique DNA Behavior Style

Align Activities to Your Unique DNA Behavior Style

Money Energy Law #20:

Live to your unique DNA Behavior style. Aligning activities to your DNA Behavior reduces stress.

You’re very special. You are! But I wonder if you recognize what makes you unique in terms of your behavioral style. In the last blog post, we discussed the importance of identity clarity. Now I would like to extend that trail of thought into your life activities to ensure they are aligned to your identity. This also requires knowing the inherent and learned behaviors that form YOU. Think of your unique style as what gives you purpose in your life, but if time you spend on activities in your life are not supportive of your purpose, then you might be lacking commitment. And when purpose and commitment are misaligned, your Money Energy potential isn’t where it should be.

The 10 DNA Behavioral Styles and General Traits

  1. Adapter – Compliant, Respectful, Courteous

  2. Community Builder – Easy-going, Promoter, Understanding

  3. Engager – Outgoing, Expressive, Talkative

  4. Facilitator – Balanced, Discerning, Harmonious

  5. Influencer – Ringleader, Assertive, Visionary

  6. Initiator – Results Driven, Logical, Decisive

  7. Reflective Thinker – Considered, Focused, Stable

  8. Relationship Builder – Advocate, Dependable, Loyal

  9. Strategist – Evolutionary, Visionary, Structured

  10. Stylish Thinker – Outgoing, Structured, Logical

The labeling and descriptions above have been simplified and I would recommend reviewing your DNA Natural Behavioral Discovery in detail, or, if you haven’t done so already, get started by taking the Free Personal Discovery. The self-awareness you gain should lead to revealing your talents and your passions. Learning who you are and getting deeper insights into your unique mindset will help lead you to building a strong purpose. Your life action plan is what drives commitment and opens the doors to opportunities that will lead to exponential results. The combination is what sets you apart from everyone else.

Having the right commitment, or in other words focusing on aligned activities, can make the difference between failure and success. Need proof? Just look at those who set New Year’s resolutions. Statistically speaking, only 9% achieved their goals. Focusing on the right actionable steps is the mindset that sets someone apart from the other 91%.1

The Relationship Between Activities and Stress

There’s an additional benefit to aligning activities to your behavioral style—and that’s reducing stress. But please note, the opposite is true as well. If you place energies into activities that are disconnected to your identity, you might experience higher levels of stress. Focusing on the wrong activities may also stop you from capitalizing on opportunities to experience greater Money Energy. 

Let’s consider the outcome of life once aligned, now not. I introduce you to Matt Woods, a 30-year-old entrepreneur. Since graduating college, he has applied his experience and expertise to build a successful marketing business and has built a team of professional employees. His personal life continues to grow as well with the recent engagement to his partner.

Matt has a Strategist DNA Style and naturally blends his strong drive to reach key goals with sound knowledge, high-quality processes, and quality control standards. As a result, Matt excels in situations where achieving results is a priority. To date, he has accomplished many ambitious goals and has a rational, impartial approach to making difficult decisions. Those are some of the positive points.

The not so positive: Matt is reserved and guarded, and he finds himself stressed. The prospect of marriage, the thought of a future family, and the need to continually grow his business have left him with sleepless nights.  The reason? With the additional commitment in his personal life, he needs to juggle priorities.

He’s very creative, has resilience, and has the potential to accomplish a great many things in his life. But most of Matt’s activities have been focused on the skills and career development of his team and the success of his business. Fortunately, he has subscribed to Business DNA® and recognizes he needs to reset his activities in a way that will reduce the stress and maintain his commitment to both his personal and professional life.

Matt also used DNA Behavior as a resource to locate a business coach who was not only certified in Business DNA®, but was trained in using the Money Energy Discovery Process. A meaningful process strengthened by the guidance provided by a qualified coach was the key to getting Matt back on track. His Money Energy is now strong.

The Moral of the Story

  • Become so familiar with your personal behavioral style that you can recognize when your mindset and Money Energy are experiencing blockage.

  • DNA Behavior is more than just a bunch of behavioral tools, it’s a resource to locate a qualified coach when you need one.

  • When you align your activities to your behavioral style, you are aligning your commitments to your purpose.

I hope you’ll take your journey one step further and explore the Money Energy Discovery Process. Stay tuned every week as we continue to reveal all 40 Laws of Money Energy.

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1Studies Show 91 Percent of Us Won't Achieve Our New Year's Resolutions. How to Be the 9 Percent That Do. Inc. Magazine. January 8, 2022.

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