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How to Create a Personal Money Energy Advisory Board

How to Create a Personal Money Energy Advisory Board

Money Energy Law #39:

Build a life support team. Use a team of experts to guide your financial life longevity.

In today’s complex and fast-paced world, it’s becoming increasingly important to surround yourself with a network of knowledgeable individuals from various walks of life who can provide valuable guidance and expertise. This “sounding board” may include a financial advisor, coach, various professionals, mentors, and intelligent friends. Perhaps you already have an established network for just this purpose—but you might want to expand the team.

One thing that my years of experience and research done at DNA Behavior have made me realize is the importance of transforming your sounding board into a more comprehensive “Life Support Team.” And you might be wondering what’s the difference? A Life Support Team is expanded to include health and wellness practitioners. The purpose of adding them to your network is to round out all your life batteries that include nutrition, mental health, physical wellness, and Money Energy.

If your health and wellness practitioners know you are showing physical and mental signs of stress, they can help you get to the core of what is causing it—and the cause just may be your poor relationship with money, even if they then refer you to someone else for specialized guidance. You can tap into others on your team or perhaps include a psychologist in the mix.

The Value of Teamwork

In this interconnected world we live in, your success is not solely achieved through your individual effort. A reliable team of experts and personal connections play a pivotal role in personal and professional growth. Often, they provide us with the resilience and support we need throughout our lives. A Life Support Team can also foster meaningful relationships (including with your money) and help you unlock new opportunities, gain valuable advice, and achieve greater happiness, health, and success.

When you feel you have these six essential ingredients, then you know you have a strong Life Support Team:

  • Synergy and collective strength complement one another to achieve enhanced outcomes.

  • Trusted support and motivation can help you navigate obstacles and stay focused.

  • Opens the doors to expanding opportunities because you can tap into a broader pool of resources, knowledge, and connections.

  • Diverse perspectives and advice enabling you to gain fresh insights and prevent costly mistakes.

  • Emotional well-being that cultivates personal growth, resilience, and a healthy work-life balance.

  • Greater Money Energy potential that helps you achieve exponential opportunities compared to what you could generate on your own.

There are many benefits to building a Life Support Team, not least of which is decreased stress, helping you stay focused on work and life goals, and keeping you accountable for your health and relationships.

DNA Behavior is the glue for your team.

There are significant benefits to personal accountability and multi-dimensional input. In addition, the DNA Behavior systems provide your Life Support Team with a pathway to expand their scope of thinking and service. So, in interacting with your Life Support Team, and to achieve exponential Money Energy potential, they should be DNA Behavior certified or at least have access to the behavior and money insights available to align a person’s life with their unique behavior style.

Keep in mind you still have final say. Your Life Support Team is exactly that, ‘support.’ This doesn’t take away your right to make final decisions, but at least you can make more informed choices in your life.

When Life Throws You a Curve

Unexpected events can throw off your Money Energy. Take the situation of Terri McLean. Terri McLean is a 55-year-old nurse. She is a widow with one married son. Her uncle suddenly passed away and, unbeknownst to her, she was the beneficiary of his will. After having always relied on her nurse's wages, she abruptly inherited a sizeable amount of money and placed herself into what is considered the Ultra High Net Worth category.

Terri’s initial thought was to buy herself and her son separate homes. That may sound good at first glance, but does it make sense to make such quick and emotional decisions, especially considering the large sums of money that would need to be committed to such an endeavor? Her adult son helped her hit the pause button and asked if there were people she could turn to for advice—this amount of wealth went beyond the considerations of buying a home.

Fortunately, the hospital where Terri is employed subscribes and implements Business DNA. Terri completed the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery as part of the nurse’s training course, which revealed her to have a Facilitator style. Traits of this type of behavioral style often combine the ability to guide people with feelings and the determination to reach goals and accomplish tasks. This blend of behavioral strengths makes them well-suited for situations when setting an agenda and sensitively recognizing other people's needs are required. Further, consistency, reliability, and persistence are essential. They flourish in an environment where there is plenty of stability, group decision-making is needed, and they are recognized for their contributions.

Terri knew her son was right. She needed to create her own Life Support Team. Advice would need to cover legal, financial, and property, but because she learned of the connection between all life energies, she expanded her vision of the members of her team to include mental and physical wellness coaches as well. She realized that beyond guidance relating to money activities, these people were critical to making sure her decisions were aligned with her health.

Thinking about her friendships, Terri recognized that she could count on some people in her network, but there were gaps. She needed to find trusted professionals that were more than just experts in the areas where she needed advice. They had to be experts in behavior. 

While, optimally, it would have been advantageous for Terri to form her own Life Support Team, because of the lack of experience within her network and for the sake of time, she chose to research professional coaching companies and platforms. She gravitated to organizations where they made it a point to first learn what drives their clients’ behaviors before making recommendations. She asked DNA Behavior if they could recommend individuals or organizations that were certified by one of their programs. In response, we provided her with several contacts that we knew would consider her behavioral style when addressing coachable moments.

In the end, Terri did end up buying new homes for herself and son’s family, but she also learned how to build a better relationship with her money. And thanks to her Life Support Team, Terri was also feeding all her life energies, which include her mind and body. In addition, she was able to avoid much of the financial stress associated with inheriting a sizeable amount of money.

But you don’t need to first build a fortune or be written into someone’s will to benefit from your own Life Support Team. Like Terri, consider what experts and advice you would need to improve your own health and wealth—and experience greater Money Energy potential.

I hope you’ll take your journey one step further and explore the Money Energy Discovery Process, which includes completing the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process. Isn't it time you learned an improved method to achieve better financial wellbeing? Stay tuned every week as we continue to reveal all 40 Laws of Money Energy.

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