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Money Energy Law #7

Money Energy Law #7

Money Energy Law #7: Money Never Sleeps

Money never sleeps. Develop and maintain positive money thoughts; your brain will do the rest.

“Money never sleeps.” It’s perhaps the most memorable quote from the fictional character Gordon Gekko in the famous 1987 movie, Wall Street. In fact, Michael Douglas won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the role. They even used it in the title of the sequel. But what does that phrase mean? 

Money can always be working, no matter what time of day. 

When it comes to money, opportunities abound. How each of us create wealth is a different journey. For some, it’s working every waking hour, while others have learned how to make money by hiring talented people to generate monetary gains for them. While other fortune seekers have set their eyes on generating profits from all four corners of the globe. And those who are fortunate to have inherited or achieved a sizeable bag of cash, may have learned how to use wealth to create passive income. And many of us just starting our journeys or seeking to discover more opportunities, perhaps just dream about what it would be like to have more money in our life.

Whatever journey you are on, money is always in motion, and it can create all sorts of pressure. How we deal with financial stress and build a relationship with money starts with our subconscious thinking. You might not realize this, but it is part of your natural DNA hard-wired behavior. You have a natural level of money energy stored within you that can be activated. But in order for it to be triggered, you must first gain insights into your behavior and master the learning, wisdom, and ability to influence your environment for creating opportunities.

Tapping into Money Energy is one of life’s most critical tasks.

Money energy is about so much more than…money. It comes from your behaviors, beliefs, and limitations. It informs lifestyle choices, decisions, spending, saving, giving, and the risks you are willing to take with money. By the way, if you don’t know your Natural Financial Behavior Capability, you can start your Free Natural DNA Behavior Trial and complete the process in 10 minutes to obtain your personal score.

Harnessing the power of your natural behavior is an important self-care activity. However, it’s just one of several contributing factors to your ability to generate Money Energy, so knowing is not enough. Unless you know the energy and impact of money on your life, your quality of life will suffer and it might be the root cause of sleepless nights.

An excellent place to start is your emotional attachment with money. Are they positive or negative? These thoughts are important because they can be a help or a hindrance. Maintain optimistic inferences toward generating wealth and that positive conscious thinking will feed your subconscious thoughts too.

But I wonder, are you blocking opportunities with negative, self-limiting feelings like these?

•    I am reconciled to my current financial status.
•    Will I never make as much money as  - ? 
•    More money, more problems.
•    I have enough to satisfy longevity – I think!
•    I won’t invest outside of my comfort zone.

Frame of Mind Matters

Mary Winter is 55 years old and plans to retire in five years. Mary has been working with a financial advisor for several years and based on her customized financial plan, the goal for Mary is to achieve a specific rate of return for her portfolio and follow benchmarks. When I last spoke with Mary, she was comfortable with her portfolio objectives (at least up until now), and she knows her advisor has followed a disciplined approach. 

However, Mary's advisor recently suggested that as she gets closer to retirement, she should consider a more growth-focused approach to build her savings and recommended some alternative investments. This made her feel uncomfortable, and rather than thinking about the potential benefits of this approach, she could only focus on the potential losses—exposing her portfolio to greater risks in retirement. The emotional anxiety it was creating in her brain, transformed into a notable rise in heart rate at the thought of anything that might compromise her financial safety. Since then, her sleep was compromised.

Know thyself.

While the advice she may have been given was a sound investment strategy, it gave Mary emotional discomfort based on her behavioral style. She gravitates more to the familiar, the logical, and the safe. Even as a rational thinker, she could see only challenges and negativity in stepping out of her comfort zone. Mary’s relationship with money means she doesn’t need to be on the cutting edge of everything, so she became overwhelmed when her advisor suggested alternative investments.

Mary’s ability to recognize how money triggers negative emotions and thoughts is critical to the success of her financial decision-making, particularly when under pressure. Therefore, knowing your natural Financial EQ level is vital. When known, it can be managed to maintain or improve overall Money Energy. 

Mary is not alone in this approach to stepping out of her financial comfort zone – but over her lifetime, she has probably missed many great opportunities. But I wonder, have you ever stepped out of YOUR financial comfort zone?

Stay tuned every week as we continue to reveal all 40 Laws of Money Energy. And if you seriously want to improve your money energy or incorporate it into your life, make it part of your leadership strengths or to improve your coaching techniques, I hope you’ll join one of our free webinars. Isn't it time you learned an improved method to achieve better financial wellbeing? Stay tuned every week as we continue to reveal all 40 Laws of Money Energy.

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