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Revolutionizing Client Engagement

Revolutionizing Client Engagement

By teaming up with DNA Behavior, Centurion Financial was able to set a new standard for the client experience!

As a prominent institution in the U.S., Centurion is always seeking ways to stay ahead in a very competitive industry landscape. To that end, they wanted to find a way to deliver the most personalized client services possible. So, they decided to explore the transformative potential of behavior insights. This case study shows how Centurion successfully integrated DNA Behavior into their marketing and client engagement strategies, resulting in the successful hyper-personalization of their services.

Crafting Personalized Client Journeys
This pioneering project was spearheaded by Joanne Summerfield, Chief Marketing Officer at Centurion. At its heart was the development of personalized marketing campaigns with a dual focus:

  1. Drawing in prospects more effectively

  2. Deepening engagement with existing clients to increase their investment in wealth management and retirement products

Steps in Implementation
The transformation commenced with the Centurion marketing team embracing the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process and determining how they could weave this online experience in with their digital ad campaigns. This initial phase involved a comprehensive workshop to understand how the discovery could fit in with their goals and how the insights, such as the unique behavioral styles, could aid in client segmentation strategies. A pivotal part of this journey was utilizing DNA Behavior's distinctive app features.

Key Features:

DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process: The 10-minute assessment was a cornerstone tool for understanding client and advisor behaviors.

Behavioral Dashboard: The colorful, interactive display provided insights into unique styles and sub-factors, crucial for personalized client interactions.

Communication Keys: These communication tips were essential for tailoring client interactions to individual preferences.

Gene AI: This tool was used to create customized marketing scripts and engagement strategies.

Market Mood Indicators: This module gauged client sentiment toward the market in real-time, informing strategy development.

Style Match: This trait comparison feature was crucial for aligning clients with the most suitable advisors.

Navigating Challenges
Every project has its challenges, but it's how they're handled that determines your rate of success. Centurion prudently welcomed the obstacles and used them to direct their next steps!

Participation in the Process: The initial challenge was encouraging prospects and clients to engage with the 46-question discovery process. Centurion tackled this by integrating it seamlessly into their marketing and branding, positioning it as a vital step in providing exceptional service.

Understanding and Utilizing the Insights: Another challenge was ensuring advisors were prepared to adopt this behavioral approach. The solution involved matching clients and advisors based on similar styles and training advisors to utilize the insights effectively.

Measurable Outcomes and Insights
Post-implementation, Centurion witnessed remarkable outcomes. The following results underscored the efficacy of DNA Behavior in transforming both client engagement and marketing strategies.

Prospect Conversion: An impressive 98% of the 50,000 monthly inbound prospects were converted into fee-paying clients.

Increased Client Investment: A 20% increase in investment from existing clients, especially those previously less engaged.

Lessons Learned That Will Shape Their Future
Centurion's journey with behavioral insights underscored the importance of presenting their firm as a client-centered brand. A significant revelation was that their clients are more receptive to processes that promise a tailored experience. They also learned that it was crucial for advisors to understand and trust the system, recognizing it as a tool for enhancing efficiency and success.

The behavioral data produced by DNA Behavior are the gold that has been missing to create hyper-personalized experiences based on who the client is. This outstrips the traditional use of persona models, allowing us to delve deeper into all areas of the business.

Joanne Summerfield, Chief Marketing Officer, Centurion Financial

Fostering Innovative Client Experiences
We at DNA Behavior are thrilled to have been a part of Centurion's journey toward redefining client engagement. Our collaboration has not just yielded outstanding results; it also demonstrates our commitment to fostering innovative client experiences. Their story is a powerful illustration of how behavioral insights can revolutionize client experiences in the financial sector!


*The name of the business featured in this article has been changed for privacy purposes, but the information presented is true and accurate for the actual company it represents.

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