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Addressing Mental and Physical Health

Sleep Deprivation Is a Major Signal of Stress

“Some clients will be in denial that they are financially anxious. Find out how they are sleeping”.

We have learned that the length and quality of sleep are vital to your mental and physical well-being. Further, sleep impacts the operation of your central nervous system. Your anxiety can be identified daily through the heart rate variability (HRV) measurement on a smartwatch, Whoop band, or equivalent device. I suggest you start doing this for yourself and then bring it into the client conversations. You will soon learn a lot about the client’s well-being. Money is of little value if worrying about it causes stress.

Are you prepared to discuss whether the anxiety is worth risking their long-term longevity with your clients?


Keep Emotions in Check and Focus on Your Health

“Understanding the impacts of behavioral and money energy helps you be the voice of reason in a crisis.”

So often, when there is financial stress, the head-spinning and conversations remain solely focused on how much money there is now and will be. Money is easy to count, but the impact on your life of stressing over it, particularly your health, is not. But this is where the highest cost of financial stress could be sitting.

Taking the connectivity of money to health further, it will be worth observing whether your client’s food and alcohol intake has changed because of financial anxiety. Again, this is something the smart devices will pick up on. In particular, the consumption of alcohol has a high negative impact on the HRV.

Engaging the clients with your stories will help them take notice. Discussing health issues is always a sensitive personal matter. However, if you have a vibrant life, the clients will see it. That may trigger a more positive, energetic reaction and more extended lifestyle changes.

Are you taking a look at your personal discipline and energy management so you can inspire your clients?


Learn to Breathe, Keep Calm, Do Not Panic

“Deep Breathing Can Elevate Your Energy and Help Change Your Mindset.”

As the behavioral guide, I would suggest that you could learn to lead your clients through some deep breathing exercises before, during, and after discussing high-stress issues. Even meditation practices work. The key is to help the client change their energetic patterns and bring calmness to the central nervous system. Further, it will help them be more centered and not panic when making high-stakes decisions.

I am sure as parents you have done this with a child when they have got worked up about something. Well, as adults, we need to do it too.

Have you noticed how your energy changes when you engage in deep breathing?


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