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Creating High-Performance Sales Teams

Creating High-Performance Sales Teams

Maximum Impact Partners leverages the DNA Web App in their mission to develop some of the most effective sales teams in the financial services industry.

In the highly competitive landscape of financial services, achieving peak sales team performance is a relentless pursuit. Maximum Impact Partners is a renowned consultancy that large financial enterprises turn to when they want to develop their sales teams. Their unique service, "Combine," focuses on defining critical behaviors, measuring team members' abilities, and providing targeted training and coaching to foster a culture of high performance. In this case study, we’ll address step-by-step how the DNA Behavior platform is used to empower sales excellence.

Recognizing the Need for Behavioral Insights
Maximum Impact Partners embarked on their journey with DNA Behavior in 2011, recognizing the need to harness behavioral insights to drive sales teams to peak performance. In fact, they relied on the insights from DNA Behavior Web App to kickstart their Combine program. Behavioral insights provide a profound understanding of individuals' natural strengths and challenges, and they form the foundation of the company’s transformative approach. They have even coined the phrase "Team DNA," underscoring the valuable role of DNA Behavior plays in their business model.

Leveraging App Features for Success
The streamlined approach taken by Maximum Impact Partners begins with the strategic use of tags, allowing them to categorize and organize client data effortlessly. This strategic tagging not only expedites preparations for the Combine event but also simplifies the generation of reports, exports, and individual analyses, all achieved with remarkable efficiency in just under three clicks. This level of system mastery not only saves time but also enhances their ability to provide tailored insights and support to their clients, reinforcing their commitment to driving excellence within sales teams.

Here's more about how tags and other features are being used by the company:

  • Tags for Easy Sorting: With a vast number of participants in their account, Maximum Impact Partners utilizes DNA Behavior's tagging feature to create unique tags for each training cohort going through the Combine process. This streamlines their processes, allowing for easy grouping of sales teams, generating team reports, making comparisons, and exporting individual data with remarkable efficiency.

  • Automated Reminder Emails for Flawless Follow-up: Acknowledging the tendency of sales team members to procrastinate, Maximum Impact Partners maximizes productivity with DNA Behavior's Automated Reminder Emails. When a participant initiates but does not complete the questionnaire, the system sends them a reminder email 2 hours after their last attempt. If the questionnaire remains incomplete after 48 hours, another reminder email is dispatched, continuing until completion or the participant opts out.

  • Factor and Subfactor Reports for In-Depth Analysis: The Factor and Subfactor Reports feature in the DNA Web App empowers Maximum Impact Partners to extract valuable insights effortlessly. This comprehensive report offers administrators detailed insights into participants' natural behaviors, divided into eight-factor groups, aiding in a deeper understanding of individual traits.

  • Exports to Excel for Further Data Review: Maximum Impact Partners leverages the DNA Web App's Excel Export feature to access Factor and Sub-Factor scores, enabling them to tailor their approach to each client. The export feature allows participant data to be conveniently exported based on tags, simplifying the process significantly.

  • Team Reports for Enhanced Sales Team Alignment: Team Reports foster alignment and mutual understanding among team members. These reports provide unique insights into each participant's style, strengths, struggles, and communication keys, facilitating improved teamwork and productivity.

  • Platform Customizations for Branding and a Polished Experience: Maximum Impact Partners enhances their client experience by utilizing DNA Behavior's white-label and co-branding features. These features allow them to integrate their logo and branding colors into the system and website screens, creating a polished and branded experience for their clients.
    Platform Customizations_Maximum Impact Partners

Achieving Tangible Outcomes
Through their partnership with DNA Behavior and the implementation of their Combine service, Maximum Impact Partners has achieved remarkable results.

Up to 40% Improvement in Employee Productivity: The insights gained from Team DNA analysis have led to substantial improvements in employee productivity.

Up to 70% Increase in Team Productivity: Maximum Impact's unique approach has resulted in significant enhancements in team productivity, unlocking new levels of success.
Enhanced Team Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention: Combine has not only boosted performance but also fostered higher team engagement, job satisfaction, and employee retention rates.

Affiliate Partnership
While Maximum Impact Partners makes use of the standard DNA Consultant subscription, they've also been granted special privileges as affiliate partners. These privileges empower their clients to autonomously set up their accounts and grant system administrators at Maximum Impact Partners seamless access to viewing and support. This collaborative approach strikes the perfect balance between client empowerment and expert guidance, ensuring that DNA insights continue to drive success at all levels of the organization.

Leadership at Maximum Impact Partners
John Lotka and Ami Tully Lotka, DNA Consulting Partners at Maximum Impact Partners, are experts in utilizing and delivering the DNA Behavior platform and insights. Both are Certified Advisors with DNA Behavior, making them qualified to guide and advise others on how to use the insights.

"You can't afford to not know your team's DNA. From communication insights, hiring insights, personality insights, work habits, and so much more, the insights from DNA Behavior are how good teams become great and great teams become world-class."

John Lotka, Founder & CEO, Maximum Impact Partners


At DNA Behavior, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in Maximum Impact Partners' journey toward enhancing sales team performance through Team DNA. We are committed to empowering organizations with actionable insights, and we fortify that commitment by providing access to our extensive educational resources, training opportunities, and in-house behavioral science experts. Together, we build a path to success that is not just impactful, but transformational.


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