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Do You Click or Clash?

Do You Click or Clash?

Find out which people will naturally connect using our new Interactive Style Match Chart!

Human connection may very well be the most important driving factor in the success of a business. Skillset alone isn't enough to ensure that roles are properly assigned, and teams work together well. That’s why we built our business around scientifically mapping behavioral styles…so you and your team can facilitate stronger connections within their organizations and drive better outcomes. And now, we’ve created an interactive chart to show you how closely various styles will match.

The Product of Two People
Before we look at the chart, let’s talk about synergy. When you add someone to a team, you get more than the sum of their skills and experience. You multiply their strengths and get the product of their collaborative effort. If you pair like-minded people, the relationship will be much more synergistic, almost always producing a positive outcome.

“The data is clear: When employees feel connected, outcomes like retention, collaboration, engagement and motivation flourish. In fact, 94% of all respondents agree they’re more productive when they feel connected to colleagues.”


The Interactive Style Match Chart
Now, on to the chart… Using the same layout as a traditional multiplication table, our interactive chart shows the degree of similarity between two people, according to their respective behavioral styles. Just follow the appropriate row and column to the point where they intersect to see how well their natural behavior styles match.


Looking at the data, you can see that if both individuals are Initiators, they are a 100% match and will likely work well together. Conversely, if one is an Initiator and the other a Community Builder, they are only a 41% match, so working together will take a large amount of “flexing” away from what comes naturally to them. That’s because an Initiator's fast-paced, results-oriented nature vastly differs from Community Builders, who tend to be easy-going and prioritize relationships. They can work together, but since their approaches will be vastly different, it will take much more effort to get in sync.

Consider This Scenario
Jasmine is an Initiator who runs her own business. Initiators often choose an entrepreneurial path because it allows them to control the direction, purpose, and goals of the business. She makes bold, confident, and goal-driven decisions that have generally served her well in her career.

Top Traits of Initiators:

Take Charge - Definite in approach, visionary, outcome focus
Risk-Taker - Venturesome, takes chances, optimistic
Fast-Paced - Objective, results-driven, rational
Spontaneous - Free-flowing, high-level approach, instinctive
Skeptical - Questioning, guarded, wary

Learn More About the 10 Unique Styles

Jasmine initially surrounded herself with other driven visionaries to get the business off the ground. They were all either Initiators (100% match) or Strategists (83% match) and they “got” each other. This like-minded team frequently bounced ambitious ideas off each other and took risks that other potential partners were too cautious to consider. They were a great team!

As the business took off, however, someone had to manage the minutia of day-to-day operations, and the role landed in Jasmine’s lap. The work was well within her abilities and experience but required working far outside her natural behavior style. She found the details and routine of it all to be exhausting. She no longer felt like she was her best self like she had when she was formulating high-level objectives and coming up with innovative ideas with her partners. Her energy eventually dwindled and her inspiration with it.

On the suggestion of her business coach, Jasmine finally hired two additional team members to help run the business. One was a Reflective Thinker (53% match) and the other was a Stylish Thinker (57% match). Both loved digging into the details to meet company objectives. With them on board, Jasmine could return her focus to the vision, decision-making, and delegation aspects of the business…and breathe again!

Style Match Observations:

  • The Initiators and Strategists understood and motivated each other.

  • The Reflective Thinker and Stylish Thinker complemented the team and worked well together.

What Makes a Great Team?
When two people have similar behavioral styles, communication is typically effortless, and they fuel each other’s passion for achievement. They can make a fantastic micro-team, but if we only work with carbon copies of ourselves, there will likely be gaps to fill across the greater organization. So, there is incredible value in knowing how others think and operate, so you can work to meet them halfway when their approach differs from our own.

In the scenario above, the best way to communicate with Jasmine is by:

  • Presenting summaries, bullets, and key points

  • Using graphics

  • Verbal communications

  • Setting realistic expectations

  • Supporting her with the details, but not bogging her down with them

When Jasmine has a task for the Reflective Thinker, she should:

  • Provide details (facts, figures, goals)

  • Give them time to think before making decisions

  • Provide deadlines

  • Discuss the level of accuracy required for the task

  • Allow them to ask questions

  • Give them time to prepare and create quality work

When Jasmine has a task for the Stylish Thinker, she should:

  • Be an active listener

  • Invest time in the relationship

  • Present facts, figures, and plans

  • Keep it interesting

  • Anticipate immediate responses and quick fixes

  • Provide opportunities for them to present their ideas

Understanding the People You Work With
The communication keys above are just a few of the helpful insights provided by our platform. If you’d like to see what behavioral styles are at play in your business, you can start by taking a free personal discovery. If you already use the DNA Web App, let us know what you think about the interactive chart!


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