Success Comes When You Know Your Ideal Client | Adam Sand | Episode #636

Adam Sand, the odd combination of tech nerd and high-performance salesman, who believes that organizational discipline combined with the entrepreneurial spirit is the alchemy of great performance. Adam is the owner of Roofing Business Partner. Everything was born as the next logical step from the one before it. Adam had experience with not success and failure in business, so[...]

Corporate Culture, It Starts at the Top DNA Behavior

Corporate Culture, It Starts at the Top

Often in business, the way forward is not or but and. That is, not abandoning one cornerstone for another; rather, adding other building blocks as necessary. It’s the cumulative approach that can streamline savvy organizations who are able to move beyond the fear of adding additional elements or layers. We’ve been seeing this trend in […]

The 5 Minute Success | Karen Briscoe | Episode #635

Karen Briscoe is the creator of the transformative “5 Minute Success” concept. Her books Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads: 66 Day Challenge ® offer a combination of information and inspiration delivered through memorable[...]


Can You Spot The Molotov Cocktail Client?

Historically, we have seen advisors selecting their ideal clients based on easily observed quantitative and qualitative factors. These often include (i) meeting a minimum of assets under management, (ii), shared values, (iii) preparedness to delegate, and (iv) being able to meet a specialist service need (estate planning, family business, business exit, etc.). However, based on […]

How to Grow a Professional Practice | Jeff Cohen | Episode #634

Jeff Cohen has taken on many roles throughout the course of his life. A native Floridian, father to three, and a stepfather to two, Jeff is an attorney who has represented hundreds of clients throughout Florida and the United States. With nearly 30 years of healthcare law experience, Jeff is board certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist[...]