What We’ve Learned From Bad Actors

As the debate around extreme vetting heightens in the US, the discussion is shifting from border controls to hiring practices. Many businesses are looking to improve their service offering through requiring hiring agents to identify, in advance, behaviors that could potentially bring down an organization. There have been too many examples over the years of […]

Thor’s Core Four | Thor Conklin | Episode #537

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What’s the #1 Thing to Consider When Hiring for Your Company? | Sara Menke | Episode #536

Sara Menke founded Premier Staffing Inc. in 1998 and continues to oversee the company’s strategic growth initiatives and leadership development. As Chairman and CEO, Sara established all internal processes that are the core of Premier’s secrets to success. Sara’s passion for staffing influences all aspects of Premier. Sara is a born leader with high standards and determination. Sara’s core[...]

How to Remove Yourself from the Middle of Your Company | Thor Conklin | Episode #535

Are you at a point where you’re trying to scale your business? Do you need to remove yourself from making every decision so you’re company can go to the next level? Then you need to remove yourself from the middle of your company and focus ONLY on the things that will help you and your business grow. PEAK PERFORMANCE[...]

The Canon Curve – Episode 19: Hugh Massie

Keeping us ahead of the Curve today is an individual who takes a unique approach to the financial services industry-understanding human behavior, not just numbers. By applying behavioral psychology to his company’s business principles, Hugh Massie provides practical solutions for clients to become financially self-empowered and [...]