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Markets Are Not Predictable, But Human Behavior Is

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. Understanding how to uniquely manage each client during periods of market volatility is a major issue for advisory firms. So, when you have the capability to predict each client’s reactions in advance of market movements, communication is straightforward, understanding that markets are not predictable, but human behavior is. After […]

Financial Advisors: Are You Ready To Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. And the hits keep coming, so to speak. Never has every move, decision, and interaction with clients of financial advisors been analyzed to this degree. And that will only become more prevalent. Any form of questionable practice will be identified and challenged. It begs the question, are financial advisors […]

Diversity and Inclusion Make Teams Great

This article first appeared on HR Management. Is diversity and inclusion (D&I) in organizations and teams just the latest HR craze? Or maybe just a nod to equality compliance? Neither. D&I, when introduced appropriately, mines the rich and often untapped talent within an organization. In fact, understanding what D&I means when implemented within a business […]

Financial Advisors: A Unique Approach Is Essential When Advising Entrepreneurs

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. Getting to know a client in advance is a sound business approach; getting to know an entrepreneur client in advance is essential. From the first meeting, for financial advisors advising entrepreneurs, be relatable and accessible. They want you to advise them, so, take an interest in their professional and […]