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Regenerating Life Purpose Through Health and Recreation

– First Published on Nasdaq – Those who know me know that I am goal driven and that I take the initiative and accept challenges, yet think matters through. Above all else, they know I can usually ask the tough questions – perhaps those others are only thinking. Further, my friends see how I can sacrifice a […]

Advisor-Client Chemistry

Do you have the right clients? This is a very topical issue for many financial planners, particularly those who have already built a business to a reasonable level. Actually, it is as important as the client selecting the right advisor. In the end there must be a mutual relationship with the parties comfortable with each […]

Help Clients on Their Life Journey; You’ll Both Win

– First Published on Nasdaq – As I continue focusing on living a quality life, I’m reminded that changing direction requires confidence. At a recent speaking engagement I was approached by a young man who wanted to talk about family wealth succession planning, a topic I love and know well. His family was in discussion with their advisors […]

Our Word for 2021 Is Authenticity

It has been a frequent practice as of late to choose a focus word that would sum-up your current or upcoming year. The purpose of it is to set an intention, a goal you seek to achieve, or a quality of some sort that you want to ensure you actions throughout the year are being […]