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Markets are not Predictable but Human Behavior Is

There are many research studies out there which demonstrate that the markets cannot be predicted by advisors and investors. The role of the advisor should be about managing the behavioral biases of their clients. The advisor is in a key position to influence the behavior of clients. As human beings we all have certain decision-making […]

Building a Client Centered Financial Services Firm

In recent times our firm has been taking a proactive stance in helping Financial Services and Insurance Firms all over the world transform to be more client centered using a human behavior matching methodology. To become client centered at the core, the client’s interests must be put first in the building and deployment of all […]

Using Personality to Communicate with Different Persona’s

Is your business gathering data to build a persona model of its ideal clients based on demographic data? There is an increasing trend towards businesses creating persona model client categories based on insights into the known income and spending patterns of people along with their job positions, ages, education, home suburb and other public information. […]

Advisor Behavioral Education is Key to Investor Performance

Over the last 10 years there has been an increasing emphasis on investor education. Much of the investor education has been more technical in nature about asset classes, products, markets and also the need to manage emotions. However, the Dalbar research results (refer to the article Investor Education is Futile ? Totally Discredited at http://www.thinkadvisor.com/2014/04/07/investor-education-is-futile-totally-discredited-d) […]