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Does Remote Working Fit with Who You Are?

If you have a personality that needs connection with others, how do you cope with remote working and virtual connection? Further, do you have the behaviors, traits and skills to flourish away from a traditional work environment? Will your manager know enough about you to support you during this time? With observations like these, it’s […]

Get Below the Surface When Going Remote

(If you missed Your Intuitive Supplement for Online Business, it would be helpful for you to read that first.) With increasing use of remote communications, during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, it is important for advisors to ensure regular client communications are reliable and effective, no matter the communication platform. This is an added reason […]

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

What does “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” really mean? Put simply, consider the consequences of your actions as an investor before you end up in trouble. This pandemic is creating unprecedented disruption. Many of us are working from home. Many are feeling out of our comfort zones. The temptation is to get online to read all […]

Bruising Times for The Markets

Uncertainty is the defining characteristic of the world we are in today. Trying to understand and compete in volatile markets can feel very confusing. Emotions will swing. Those investors who always assume they are in control start to wobble as they see blows coming from all directions. And investors who rely heavily on their advisors […]

Would Your Clients Recommend You to a Friend?

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. I wonder how many advisors ask their clients some version of, Would you recommend me to your friends? The advisor-client relationship is a personal one. After all, talking about your money is about as personal as you can get. Why then are advisor organizations still using various forms of […]