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Coronavirus Fear is Not a Winning Investment Strategy

In crisis the tendency is for all of us to react emotionally and follow the herd. With headlines screaming a global economic downfall due to a flu pandemic, remember you are genetically hardwired to react in certain ways. If you find yourself responding outside your inherent behavior because your reaction is to the coronavirus not the market turbulence, STOP […]

People Behave Differently – Thankfully

This article first appeared on HR Management App. As the founder of a Human Performance Acceleration firm, I’ve come to understand the importance of diversity, not just on boards and in leadership, but in my own business. Through broadening the composition of the leadership team, I’ve found that such diversity increases the richness of discussion and expands perspectives […]

Don’t Self-Sabotage Your New Year Goal Setting

Its that time of year again: Christmas shopping, holiday plans and New Year’s resolutions. We tend to get the first two right, but according to University of Scranton research, just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolution, which well refer to simply as goals, because that’s what these resolutions are. Set goals, understand behavioral style Setting goals […]

2020: Seeing More Customized Behavioral Experiences

Navigating differences is a key problem to be solved as it is a strength when you can do it and a liability when you cannot. That’s at the core of our behavioral insights work over the years, whether looking at the individual, team, organization, family or other scenario, like business-customer, hiring manager-employee or financial advisor-client. […]