Our Word for 2021 Is Authenticity

It has been a frequent practice as of late to choose a focus word that would sum-up your current or upcoming year. The purpose of it is to set an intention, a goal you seek to achieve, or a quality of some sort that you want to ensure you actions throughout the year are being […]

A Healthy Marriage: Human Advisor Plus AI for Your Tech Stack

– First Published on Nasdaq – Human interaction deprivation really is a thing. Never before have people all over the world been subjected to various forms of isolation, including lack of human interaction or touch. As the months of the global pandemic drag on, I’ve been thinking about that and about what life will look like after this […]

A Fresh Look at Wisdom and the Way Forward

– First Published on Nasdaq – In the midst of the pandemic, and particularly with vaccines and a new year on the way, we’re all more reflective. A direct benefit of such reflection is a willingness to change and reinvent. Where are you in this process? As I continue my quality life journey – after all, isn’t that what […]

Hugh Massie Year End Letter: Tough Years Drive Learning & Innovation

I know countless people who have taken the challenges and tumult of 2020 as an opportunity to level-set their life and business. So, as I put pen to paper to write my end-of-year letter, I’m reminded of courage like that. Indeed, in the face of what may well be the most difficult global challenge most […]

Pursuit of Money Can Kill Relationships

– First Published on Nasdaq – As I continue my journey through gaining a deeper understanding of what living a quality life actually means, I’m reminded that my original life plan was to create wealth, be successful and provide for my family. I previously would have said that all the financial decisions I make point me toward achieving that […]

Diversity and Inclusion Make Teams Great

Is diversity and inclusion (DEI) in organizations and teams just the latest HR craze? Or maybe just a nod to equality compliance? Neither. D&I, when introduced appropriately, mines the rich and often untapped talent within an organization. In fact, understanding what D&I means when implemented within a business can be the change that takes an […]

Using Behavioral Insights To Survive – And Thrive? – At Thanksgiving

Millions of American families come together (either in person or virtually) to enjoy Thanksgiving. But whether it is Thanksgiving or any other event, bringing people together does not necessarily equal a fun time. Why is that? Its simple: We are all behaviorally different. At a time when family should enjoy each other around a splendid […]

Stop Trying to Delight Your Investors

In the world of financial advice, many clients think they know themselves and their money better than they do and certainly better than the advisor does. How does this thought impact the role of a financial advisor? If you know nothing about behaviors then clients with this ‘know it all’ attitude will be difficult to […]

Behavioral Insights Can Drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Financial Orgs

– First Published on Nasdaq – Increasingly we’re hearing the phrase “authentic diversity, equity and inclusion” bandied about. By what does it mean in practice? Let’s start with the two facets most people know best: Diversity means that we recognize and respect variety – everyone’s unique qualities, behaviors and attributes. Inclusion means that all individuals are not just included, […]