Stop Trying to Delight Your Investors

In the world of financial advice, many clients think they know themselves and their money better than they do and certainly better than the advisor does. How does this thought impact the role of a financial advisor? If you know nothing about behaviors then clients with this ‘know it all’ attitude will be difficult to […]

Behavioral Insights Can Drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Financial Orgs

– First Published on Nasdaq – Increasingly we’re hearing the phrase “authentic diversity, equity and inclusion” bandied about. By what does it mean in practice? Let’s start with the two facets most people know best: Diversity means that we recognize and respect variety – everyone’s unique qualities, behaviors and attributes. Inclusion means that all individuals are not just included, […]

The Productivity Pitfalls of Working from Home in the COVID-19 Era

By now, and almost 9 months into this global pandemic, your employees have probably gotten quite accustomed to the working from home set up. Whether they live alone, with a partner, or with kids, despite how unusual this has been, they’ve been working from home long enough to have developed some sort of work routine.   […]

The Pandemic Offers An Opportunity to Layer A Financial Aspect Into Emotions

– First Published on Nasdaq – As I continue on my quality life journey, I’ve realized what is foundational to everything I do: A deep passion to educate others about the importance of their behavioral traits, including how those influence the financial decisions we make.  This is a reawakening – slightly different from a light-bulb moment – […]

He’s Just Not That Into You

Are your clients cheating on you? Does the phrase “He’s just not that into you” remind you of something? Maybe a popular advice book about relationship struggles and how to accurately interpret signals your love interest is giving you? Most importantly, what does all that have to do with financial planning? Well, knowing that 93.6% […]

Have You Ever Seen Your Client Cry?

When you first started your professional journey as a financial advisor, did you ever think that the success of your work will rely on far more intricate things than your extensive knowledge of the market? If you have been doing this for some time you probably have realized by now that the financial success of […]

Don’t Reinvent Tech; Just Add Behavioral Power

– First Published on Nasdaq – People are complicated. Some tell you their life story in the first few minutes. Others take time – and deep questioning – to reveal even the smallest details. Financial advisors know that, around the emotional subject of money, gaining insight into clients’ financial personality is hard. But it doesn’t need to […]

How Similar Are Our Behavioral Styles to Our Dogs’?

According to a research conducted at Michigan State University, dogs tend to take on the same personality traits and behavioral tendencies as their owners. The study also revealed that dogs are just like humans in terms of cognitive development and that their personalities are shaped over time.These shifts in personality traits can even predict future […]

How to Spend $20 million in 3 Years

Whether you are leading an innovative tech company or managing the digital division of an organization, there is one dilemma that you surely have come across at least once: when needing a software solution, should you invest in a market-ready product or should you build it yourself using your IT resources? This is also equally […]