What Behavioral Style Are You?

You are a team leader, a coach, or a financial advisor, you are quite familiar with the human relationships aspect of your work. Imagine if there was a special pair of ‘insight’ glasses that you could wear while reading through resumes or talking with potential prospects. These special glasses would allow you to know how […]

How the Pandemic Affected Our Spending Habits – Sharing Our Most Unusual Purchases

Who in the 21st century would have believed they would be part of a worldwide pandemic, forced into isolation with limited access to life as they knew it? Within 24 hours, lives changed, natural behaviors were exposed, and so were spending patterns. While people were confined to their homes, it became undeniable that the pandemic […]

Investment Committee Membership: Professional Significance Isn’t Enough

– First Published on Nasdaq – Investment Committees have historically been formed based on members’ professional experience. But in today’s climate, would these committees stand up to the scrutiny of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), I wonder? Like many areas of the financial services industry, much lip service is paid to DEI, yet despite accepted benefits in […]

Money: The Greatest Gravitational Force Impacting Decision Making

– First Published on Nasdaq – I’ve asked many advisors over the past few years, “How much time do you truly spend understanding the emotional behavior of your clients?” On average, the consensus is about 10%. I then ask, “How much time do you spend understanding your clients’ identity?” this question is met with a blank stare. […]

When New Information Changes Perspective

Some twenty-four hours ago, the state government sent our little haven by the ocean into Covid lockdown. We had to get back to our homes with only a few hours’ notice, ensure the fridge was full, and generally watch as our comfy, covid free world imploded.   No longer, for the foreseeable future, could we sit […]

Maximize Employee Financial Wellness, Tailoring it Individually

– First Published on Nasdaq – How many of your employees are on sick leave as a result of financial stress? Is there a responsibility for employers to know this? And if they had this insight, what could and should they do about it? You see, there is growing research to support this trend: Bank of America’s 2020 Workplace […]

Financial Advisors + ID + EI – What Does It All Mean?

It’s an age-old question. How can financial advisors break through emotional barriers to help clients with their finances? In recent Identity conversations with Canon Financial Institutes Executive Director Certifications, William Trigleth III, Hugh Massie,  Chairman and Founder of DNA Behavior Global, talked about the importance of financial advisers understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Identity (ID) […]

Identity Conversation Takeaway: Adaptability Comes with Knowing Your Identity

Over the past few months, Hugh Massie sat down with some of the most influential consultants and entrepreneurs. Through their identity conversations, they all shared the impact DNA Behavior and knowing their identity has had on their work. We also asked Hugh some of our own questions on identity, here are our takeaways. Adaptable, Nimble, […]

Genuine Identity and Purpose: The Money Will Flow

– First Published on Nasdaq – How does knowing your identity impact how you relate to other people? What part does it play in boosting confidence? Throw the emotional and gravitational pull of money into the mix, and where does knowing or not knowing your identity fit? There is no doubt that understanding your identity reflects who […]