Secure Your Own Oxygen First

Sitting here in my home office thinking about the past 6 weeks has been sobering. Four weeks overseas ending in home isolation for fourteen days; seeing friends deliver food to our door as we love and acknowledge them through closed windows has changed worlds forever. For many years I have worked from home. Firstly, for […]

Would Your Clients Recommend You to a Friend?

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. I wonder how many advisors ask their clients some version of, Would you recommend me to your friends? The advisor-client relationship is a personal one. After all, talking about your money is about as personal as you can get. Why then are advisor organizations still using various forms of […]

The ‘Behavioral Economy’: Money Attitudes Drive Decisions

This article first appeared on  Nasdaq. In my travels I notice how many employees – across myriad organizations – are growing noticeably more frustrated with their leaders. They also express frustration with the leaders who advise them. People I meet on the speaking circuit tell me they worry about being led by leaders without vision, […]

Coronavirus Fear is Not a Winning Investment Strategy

In crisis the tendency is for all of us to react emotionally and follow the herd. With headlines screaming a global economic downfall due to a flu pandemic, remember you are genetically hardwired to react in certain ways. If you find yourself responding outside your inherent behavior because your reaction is to the coronavirus not the market turbulence, STOP […]

Managing Client Emotions in Times of Market Volatility

I’ve just spent 26 hours travelling from Australia to the UK. Wearing a face mask (on the advice of my doctor). With global anxiety on the rise and many analysts working the data to understand the impact of the coronavirus on economic growth, I got to thinking why in three of the busiest airports and two packed […]

People Behave Differently – Thankfully

This article first appeared on HR Management App. As the founder of a Human Performance Acceleration firm, I’ve come to understand the importance of diversity, not just on boards and in leadership, but in my own business. Through broadening the composition of the leadership team, I’ve found that such diversity increases the richness of discussion and expands perspectives […]

API Security: New Rate Limiting Policy

In early March, we will be adding a new rate-limiting policy for the DNA APIs. This upgrade is to ensure site availability and security in support of all of our customers and partners. While we do not publish a rate-limiting policy, we might temporarily rate limit if we identify traffic that appears to be abusive. […]

Monthly Goal Check-In | Thor Conklin | Episode #661

How are you doing on your annual goals?   PEAK PERFORMANCE NATION A community dedicated to raising your game to the next level by learning how to Execute at the highest level and eliminating the obstacles that keep you from being the leader you were born to be. Join group here:   Monthly Goal Check-In | Thor Conklin |[…]

Health & Wholeness | Udo Erasmus | Episode #660

The legendary Udo Erasmus is the founder of Udo’s Choice – found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide. He invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, probiotics and more. Udo first pioneered Flax Seed Oil. Udo is an acclaimed author, speaker, and expert on TOTAL SEXY HEALTH. He has an 8 step process that takes into[…]