Monthly Goal Check-In | Thor Conklin | Episode #612

How are you doing on your annual goals?   PEAK PERFORMANCE NATION A community dedicated to raising your game to the next level by learning how to Execute at the highest level and eliminating the obstacles that keep you from being the leader you were born to be. Join group here:   SPONSORS & FREE OFFERS Audible - Free Audio[...]

The Get-It-Done Guy l Stever Robbins l Episode #611

Stever Robbins is a serial entrepreneur, top-10 iTunes podcaster, and productivity expert. He co-founded the early internet success story FTP Software, served as COO of Building Blocks Interactive, CEO of, and has been an initial team member of ten start-ups, including four IPOs and three acquisitions. He currently runs Get-it-Done Groups™, which help people make extreme progress on[...]

44 Ways to Sell l Jessica Yarbrough l Episode #610

Jessica Yarbrough is a Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist that has helps entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses, gain visibility and demand for their services and make the impact and income they deserve. She is is an accomplished Strategist, Funnel Builder, Branding and Messaging Consultant and Founder and Head Coach at CEO Babe.   Special promotion: FREE 3 PART VIDEO[...]

How Baseball Can Help You Grow Your Business l Pat Rigsby l Episode #609

Pat Rigsby is a dad, husband, business coach, author, and entrepreneur who has built over 25 different businesses, including two Entrepreneur Franchise 500 award-winning franchises. He got his entrepreneurial start by opening a personal training business and health club. With no money to get these businesses off the ground, he was living with his family in the basement of[...]